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Happy Monday! I hope today started the week off with a bang AND I know a lot of you have short weeks this week. Score for Thanksgiving! =)

So I noticed a trend yesterday as I was going through my blog list… pancakes. Every other blogger must have had pancakes yesterday for breakfast. I was very jealous, by the way. =( Funny thing was is that Marc made pancakes for breakfast but I wanted a Green Monster.

But I made up for it today!


A yummy short stack of pancakes with a little almond butter in the middle and a side of Chobani yogurt. Hit the spot!

Pancake lovers – do you like your pancakes thin or thick?

Marc loves making his very thin but I love thick, cakey pancakes! Warm, comforting and delicious!

I ran to the gym at about noon to get in a quick run since Marc is at a meeting tonight – I am falling in love with running more and more! I never thought I could be a runner, ever. But with a little patience and will I am getting stronger and faster each time I run! BUT I am scared to run outside. =( I see more stories about people getting hit, abducted or attacked that I just cannot bring myself to do it.

I quickly made lunch when I arrived back at home. Marc was making a bagel with lox and cream cheese which look great! I was grabbing the bagels and thought “With the thick pancakes I had for breakfast, maybe I should stick with veggies”. And that’s what I did!


A nice warm mug of tomato soup with a caprese type salad: organic spring mix, mozz cheese, tomatoes, avocado, basil, EVOO and s&p.


I love caprese salads! Fresh mozz, heirloom tomatoes, aged balsamic and good olive oil – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Because it was a gloomy day, I decided to dig out my mixer and tie my apron on for a warm batch of hot, fresh cookies.


And yes, like always, I ate too much batter! lol – it’s my favorite part!


Warm, fresh, ooey and gooey! J helped out, too! 😉


And what did he think of them?



Good to the last crumb!

I also received some cool mail today from Stonyfield! I nice Thanksgiving card with some great coupons – Thanks Stonyfield!


Well I am off to spend some time with J before bed time! See you later!


6 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. I am a medium pancake girl. Not too thin, not too thick. The syrup is what makes it or breaks it for me. Sadly, I seriously dislike the taste of real maple so it's gotta be a tasty fake.That salad looks awesome!!

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