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Almost Monday…

Good evening, all! How was your Sunday? Relaxing I hope!

I started the day off feeling yucky – bloated and just not myself. My stomach was hard and I was not enjoying it at all. Yuck.

Do you ever do that? I think it was something I had eaten yesterday to cause so much pain and discomfort in my tummy region. So I vowed to eat well today in hopes that my system would start feeling normal again.

So I made myself a Green Monster!


  • almond milk
  • LOTS of spinach
  • frozen assortment of fruit
  • almond butter
  • half of a banana

On Sunday’s I tend to cook in the morning. For example: steam vegetables for J and bake anything that I have been needing to. Today I made J some sweet potatoes and I decided I would finally make Kale chips!


I had bought a bag of kale last night at the store JUST to make chips! I added some salt and parm but I think I will skip the parm next time. They ended up being pretty salty and I keep burping up the parm taste – yuck. BUT they are STILL delicious!


For lunch I made myself a MONDO veggie sammy! It was loaded!



Hummus, clover sprouts, cucumber, tomato, avocado and basil leaves on sprouted bread. AND a side of carrots and more hummus. I really needed this today! Veggies, veggies and more veggies… keep them coming!

At about 3 I decided to hit the gym. I truly believe in muscle memory as I was able to run a little over 3 miles at a 10 minute mile pace. Since I came down with a cold (over 3 weeks ago) I have not been running one bit. But I felt the need and LOVED it. My legs felt strong and I just went with it. I felt MUCH better afterwards, too!

I have been wanting to try the new festive Clif bar flavors and tried this one:


Meh – it was VERY orange flavored… and I was expecting cranberry. I only ate half.

Dinner was a salad – finally! It was been too long since I had a salad! 😦

I mixed together some organic spring mix, peanut chicken kabob that we picked up at the market deli last night, baby corn, tomato, cilantro, chopped peanuts and a few dots of sesame oil.



Asian delight!

I did get hungry a few hours later and ate a bowl of Optimum Slim, dried cranberries with almond milk.


Well kids, we did not win this weeks fantasy football – boo. It was a tough week and we had some unexpected injuries, AKA Kurt Warner, which put us behind.

I am off to bed – Happy Monday, all!


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