Coming Clean – Big News!

Ok you guys… this is it. Time to let the cat out the bag and come clean!

I am a Beach Body Coach! Woot woot!!!

team freedom1

This has taken me a very long time to announce and to come out with because I wanted to make sure this is REALLY where my heart was taking me. And after some serious talks with myself, dreams, signs, my true passion and calling, this new path cannot be held back any longer! I actually signed up to be a coach last September because I wanted to get the coaches discount. I fell in love with the fitness programs and with the nutrition supplement (Shakeology) and knew I needed that discount to help my new healthy habit. But coaching wasn’t something that I was ready to dive into – I tried and the timing felt off. Plus I was working on my own coaching at the time.

And honestly I have been very hesitant to even announce this today – this post has taken me days to write. Why? Because I wanted to make sure that this is a positive move for not only me, but my family, friends, current clients, readers, subscribers and followers.

But when you know, YOU KNOW!


So why have I decided to be a Beach Body coach? There were many deciding factors but two main reasons really stand out.

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BE AWESOME TODAY + 3 Day Refresh

~ Will today be the day you decide once and for all to make claiming, “This is who I am. This is what my life is about. And this is what I’s going to do. Nothing will stop me from achieving my destiny. I will not be denied!” ~ Tony Robbins



No really… you are! Even if you don’t think so, even if you are having a crappy day, even if you have eaten more chocolate than veggies or have not gotten out of bed and it’s noon… YOU are still FREAKING AWESOME!

I have been reading Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within and I forgot how much this book rocks! I can only read a few pages at a time because there are so many golden nuggets on each page that I love jotting down key words or phrases and really let them sink in.

The quote above is one of my favorites from this book. It’s a constant reminder that whatever you have in life, or whatever you want in life, you are worthy of everything!


Ok – now onto the second part of this post. The 3 Day Refresh!

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Butter Bean Veggie Soup

Butter Beans are my new favorite bean. They are large and in charge! Butter Beans are sweet, creamy and hold up perfect in soups! This is my new favorite soup… at least for this month. I have made this soup a few times now and it never disappoints. It has a nice heat from the chili flakes and a fresh from-the-garden taste from the basil.  And the butter beans are sooooo amazing! You could sub with white beans but if you can find butter beans please try them – you will LOVE them!


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Clean and Simple Breakfast Cookies

What if I told you you can have cookies for breakfast? Awesome, right?! Well these cookies are nutritious, full of fiber and completely good for you! Waaaaay better for you than store bought cookies that are full of artificial ingredients, preservatives and GMO’s.  Instead they are full of oats, bananas, nuts and seeds… and chocolate, if you would like.

And yes, I eat these cookies for breakfast. And snacks. And dessert. They are guilt free, animal product free, gluten free and 100% good for you!


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Veg Eats – Day 5!!

Breakfast – I sipped on a green smoothie all morning before I headed to the gym. I blended up a frozen banana, spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen peaches, almond milk, water and raw protein powder.

day 5 smoothie

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Veg Eats Day 3/4 + Water Facts

Helloooooo! Happy Monday!

I must admit this is the most excited and energetic I have felt in a while! And it has nothing to do with eating limited animal products. It has to do with the AMAZING community that is forming with the intention of kindness, nourishment and health – it really is fantastic! Today is day 1 for most and there is such a positive buzz happening! PS – It is not too late to join, either! Check out the community here!

Before I get into my eats I wanted to share some disturbing facts about how much water is actually used to produce animal products. It really is mind blowing to see these numbers!

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Vegan Recipe Roundup

Hey friends!

I have been searching high and low for some new vegan and raw food recipes and I thought it would be fun if I shared some with you! PS – you can also follow my pinterest page since I am always pinning a ton of recipe ideas there!

vegan recipe banner

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