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Weekend Pics + FAQ’s

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?

I have seen a lot of you were having wonderful weather and were able to get out of the house – I love that spring is finally here! =)

We were able to get out of the house as well and headed down to the park. J loves the outdoors!

DSC04774 DSC04750 DSC04754 DSC04756 DSC04758 DSC04760 DSC04762 DSC04765 DSC04767 DSC04773

We all had a great time getting some fresh air!

But before we left we made some homemade pizza – I had veggie, of course. I used Soy Cheese but was very upset that I didn’t look at the ingredients BEFORE buying as it contained casein – which is a milk protein. I would have skipped it all together!  My pizza was still good – it had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, basil, tomato sauce and pizza seasoning (love this stuff!!). DSC04740


I have been taking a break from running as my legs have been pretty tired feeling. But I did lace up and try them out this morning. Marc told me to run as long as I can, no goal but to just run until I felt the need to stop. Little did I know I was able to run 8.5 miles today! I was feeling great and I am so happy I took those days off! I even upped my pace by 10-20 seconds each mile – I love seeing improvements in my stamina and strength.

Before heading out I ate half of a Clif Bar and a cup of coffee. See anything?


Now do you?


After my run I came home and made a refreshing GM! Much needed, too!


I went and showered and was still starving, so I made myself a HUGE sandwich. I toasted some sprouted bread and filled it with home made guac, two bean burgers, lettuce, cilantro, red bell pepper and onion.

DSC04777    DSC04776

It was to-die-for good!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my two boys – it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend! =)

How was yours?



I am in the middle of making a FAQ page but I would like to know what other kinds of questions you may have – from parent hood, to facts about me, my eating, my life and so on.

You can ask them in my comments, in email ( or here. But be nice – my feelings get hurt easily 😛 !!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Pics + FAQ’s

  1. On the soy cheese stuff……the soy yogurt I have been eating contains milk also! Does anyone know a truly milk free soy yogurt?

  2. J is so cute! And I just love your mom's comment up there. My mom leaves the same cute stuff and I just love when she does :)That bean burger sammy looks wonderful!!!

  3. Definitely interested in hearing more about what you feed your little man. I'm working really hard to establish nutritious eating habits early on with my 15-month old son.Would also love to know more about how you approach meal planning too. Part of clean eating is not wasting and you seem to do a great job of using all the ingredients/food you have.

  4. Yummy Sandwich!!! Agreed, Seattle was awesome this weekend, and I assume will only get better if we can get through a little rain. We went to the Tilth plant sale and had a nice walk in an area we hadn't been before. YOu guys look like you had a great time outside!

  5. He is so adorable and so is that dog of yours in the backround.( Huge Pet Lover)'For your faqs page I would love to know:1. Your recommended hair products/facial products?2.How eating healthy has improved your well-being.I remember in a previous post you mentioned you were going to include more of what Jordan eats in a day. What happened?

  6. I have made the mistake of getting soy cheese with casein in it before. It just seems to sneak its way into things! The pizza still looks delicious though. By the way, your son is just too cute! 🙂

  7. Looks like Jordan had a great time at the park. I would like some copies of the pictures please. He is sooooo photogenic.Your pizza looks really tasty..and your sandwich sounds and looks delish.Proud of all your accomplishments Tasha with your running goals.Talk to you soon…Love Mom

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