Gliders–A FAT BURNING at-home-workout!


Friends – have you seen or heard of gliders before?! They are one of my favorite pieces of workout gear!

Basically it is a round disk that is a little padded on one side (where you place your foot) and the other side is slick (the side that glides on the floor). These small disks can really put the BURN in your workout!

I actually used paper plates for the longest time and then I invested in a REAL pair for a little over 5$! I forget where I purchased mine from but I found quite the collection on Amazon! (You can totally use paper/plastic plates OR towels if your on hardwood floors!)

I work with a lot of women, specifically moms, who do not have a lot of time for working out. So finding a high calorie burning workout that will tone and burn fat is the key to maximizing your at home workouts! These gliders may seem like child’s play… but they WORK! They help tone your legs, glutes, hamstrings, back, arms and core! Full body shred!

My two favorite moves are: curtsy lunge and side lunge. Holy Burn!!! I love working my glutes and legs!

curtsy 11curtsy 22


side lunge 11side lunge 22

I usually do a combo circuit of legs, abs and arms. I mix it up – 5-6 leg/glute moves, 2-3 ab moves and 2-3 arm moves. Pinterest is where I find my inspiration and how I learn new moves.

Have you tried sliders yet? If so, let me know what your favorite move is!

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Recommitting to Yourself + Grocery Haul

Hi friends!

How has your day been?

Today I could not get enough coffee! But… that’s kind of the case every single day. lol


After getting Jordan off to school, I did some emails and work, then I did a PiYo workout! PS – I love PiYo! I have been doing PiYo for over a year and it is one of my favorite workouts! I did BUNS today followed by 10 minutes of core work on my own. Holy burn! Even after a year, it still burns!

piyo 1


I went to go get in the shower and saw someone found a sliver of sun to lay in! She was sooooo happy sunbathing!

dog sun

After a week of down time with my mom, I am recommitting to myself again. I think it’s super important to keep recommitting to yourself, your goals and desires! After very minimal working out and relaxed eating, my clean diet is coming back in full force! I can tell my sugar cravings have been out of control lately and I need to get those in check FAST! Sugar has and always will be my downfall – it’s really easy for me to fall into the sugar trap.

I had to restock my healthy foods ASAP! So a trip to Trader Joes was in order! Keep in mind that NOT all of what I bought was for me – I bought for my son’s lunch and my husband, too.

groceries 1


groceries 2

Bag 1 – ground turkey, chicken breasts, frozen blueberries, nitrate-free smoked turkey, yogurt for Jordan, black beans, garbanzo beans, salsa, organic tortilla chips, potatoes, organic romaine, organic eggs and tea tree soap.

groceries 4

Bag 2 – organic baby spinach, organic yogurt tubes for Jordan (like GoGurt but much healthier!), frozen fish sticks for Jordan, organic tomato soup, string cheese, organic bars for Jordan, nitrate-free black forest ham, plain greek yogurt, asparagus, broccoli and dark chocolate.


Bag 3 – tomato sauce, yellow onion, apples, Panda cereal for Jordan, bananas, cantaloupe, cauliflower and almond milk.

Clean Eating  Tip – When you have healthy options in the house, you will eat healthy!

I was in such a rush to get out the door today that I completely forgot to eat! I ended up eating a Lara Bar on the way home from the store… at 2:30pm!


After I put the groceries away, I made myself a smoothie. This really hit the spot!


Tropical Strawberry Protein Powder (I used Shakeology)

1 large ripe banana

1 tablespoon peanut butter

Unsweetened Almond Milk


Cold, thick and creamy!



I also had a small snack about an hour after my smoothie:


Pumpkin Terra Chips and a string cheese – my mom left the chips from when she was here and at first I didn’t like them… but they are actually pretty good! I am all about pumpkin right now!


Before dinner we all just hung out and relaxed! We watched Back to the Future III in honor of Back to the Future day. The third one is my favorite!


Dinner was SIMPLE! I made pasta sauce with ground turkey, basil, garlic and boiled some spaghetti and steamed some green beans. I had a small portion of noodles, a ton of green beans and a healthy portion of meat sauce. I love adding veggies to my pasta bowls.


For dessert I had a piece of dark chocolate.



Here are my tips for getting back on track after a day, a weekend, a week or maybe a month from your healthy eating and living schedule:

Don’t dwell on the past!

Create a PLAN of attack!

Surround yourself with healthy inspiration!

Make a change TODAY!

Be patient and extend grace towards yourself!

How do you get back on track after time off?

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Day 1 of my 21 Day Fix EXTREME!

Hey guys! I wanted to share my food, thoughts and reasons why I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme! ❤

As most of you know I have been into health and wellness for years now. I am a Clean Eating supporter and advocate, I love anything GREEN and I love a good sweaty workout! My passions turned into a business as I started one-on-one coaching and helping others at a higher level – I have been truly blessed!

But… even the best still slip up and need some guidance! I have been enjoying too many sweets, too much salt, not enough greens and have pretty laid back on my fitness. I needed that motivation back in my life! I have been following and participating in some of the BeachBody programs ( I love PiYo!) and listening to some of my clients and followers comment on how well these programs work for them.

So I thought what the heck! What do I have to lose? I have been really getting serious about competing in my first body competition this year and needed a serious jump start! I was reading about the 21 Day Fix Extreme and how dialed in everything is – from the daily workouts to the super lean and clean nutrition plan… I knew I had to have it!

Day 1 has been pretty amazing for me! I am upping my animal protein for the next 21 days and incorporating a lot more fresh veggies and greens in my plan – more than I was before. It is a very effective program with individual containers to help make is SUPER SIMPLE! No counting calories ( I have never done that ) and makes it virtually fool proof! I feel less bloated today than I have in weeks… yay!

This was my meal plan today:

Continue reading “Day 1 of my 21 Day Fix EXTREME!”

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Clean Eats + At Home Workout

Hi friends!

Happy Wednesday! How was your day?

Oh man  – do I have some goodies for you!

First – Let’s flex!

flex 2

flex 1

If you have been following me on my FB Page you have noticed that I am doing PiYo. And do I love it! PiYo is a mixture of pilates and yoga and was created by one of my favorite athlete, Chalene Johnson. PiYo is a a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG. Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you’re burning crazy calories.

And it works! I am getting more defined, stronger and leaner. It has done wonders! I do have a PiYo Challenge group for those that are wanting motivation and a community of supporters. Email me if you want to get started!

piyo mat

Tonight I did a great at home circuit thanks to Peanut Butter Fingers. It was pretty intense!

  • 1 min jumping jacks
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min alternating lunges
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min mountain climbers
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min squat
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min. high knees
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min pop squats
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min burpees
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min jumping jacks
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min. mountain climbers
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 1 min counter top pushups
  • 30 sec. jump rope
  • 60 sec. plank
    Do this circuit 2X!

I was a sweaty mess afterwards! It felt amazing!



I had a LaraBar and some raw figs – figs are my favorite!



I am been craving my green smoothies! This one was super smooth and creamy. It was pretty amazing!

 green smoothie
Vanilla protein powder, almond milk, a frozen banana, frozen mangos chunks and peanut butter. YUM!

I also ran to Trader Joes to pick up a few items that we were out of.

 tjs 1 Baby spinach, frozen fruit and Vegetable Masala Burger – these are my absolute favorite!

tjs 2 Lara Bars, avocado, brown rice, coconut oil, beans and figs

tjs 3

Dark chocolate and organic Tempeh


This is my favorite dinner! Fresh cut veggies, almond butter, hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers. I love fun dinners like these!

veggie dinner

Did you workout today? I would love to hear about your accomplishments!

These are two of my favorite quotes that I live by every single day!

 we rise encourage

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It’s May! Are you ready for summer?

Well most of us are officially experiencing summer weather! Seattle has been GORGEOUS the past few days and I have been loving the heat and sun! I HATE being so cold all the time!

I know there are some that may not be liking the heat because it means you have to wear lighter, shorter clothes. If you still feel a little uncomfortable coming out of winter and spring, I found a month long plan that you can follow to tone up those problem areas!

Remember: if you don’t want to do all of the reps at once, split them up! Do some during the day and finish strong!

fitness for may

Save and print this out so you can see it everyday!

XxOo Tasha

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Baby Steps!!!!

Guess what I did tonight?!

…. I ran a mile! I am so thrilled over this little milestone! Since my back injury I have yet to run even a few feet, let alone a mile. I took it nice and slow, running it in little over 11 minutes. I can finally see some light to my injury and now I know I am starting to heal and feel like myself!

I hate to admit it but I haven’t worked but only a couple of times since my back injury. I’ve just been pretty bummed out about my back and just have not felt like doing anything. But when simple walking makes you reach for your Aspirin bottle, it’s a little hard to get pumped up about lacing your sneakers.

Of course I am still going to take it slow but this is a HUGE step in both my physical well being and my mental well being.

Unfortunately I had no appetite this evening but I was able to force myself to eat a bowl of vegetables with hummus. I have been craving cucumbers lately. I can easily eat a half of one in one sitting. Funny because I never used to care for cucumbers! It amazes me how much your taste buds change with time.



I also love my new bowl I picked up at the store tonight. Reminds me of spring =)

I’m exhausted and looking forward to my head hitting my pillow. Good night!


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At a loss

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day!

Sorry for my sporadic posting; I have not been in the best mood. I am very concerned about my back, still. I have yet to find any relief and it’s not getting any better. I haven’t ran in 10 days and from the feel of it I wont be running for a while. I am going to a doctor tomorrow as opposed to a chiropractor. While I love my chiropractor and 100% believe in them, I feel it’s more than what meets the eye. Something is definitely wrong!

Sadly, I am not going to participating in the half marathon on April 17th. While I am disappointed I am more concerned that I cannot run period. It still is very painful to walk and like I said before I can tell nothing is getting better. I just hope I can find some type of closure tomorrow, whatever that may be.

I have been pretty emotional lately because of this. For one not being able to workout has really been bothering me. I trained so hard and was so proud of accomplishments that I don’t want to start from the beginning again. At this point I really have no idea when I could be able to run again.

And then my old mindset gets the best of me and I start worrying about gaining weight, again. I can tell that I have been emotionally eating at times (hello chocolate!) and the guilt is coming on. I will be asking the doctor if I can start going back to the gym and do low impact cardio and weights.

I try not to let my blog dive into my personal life too much but just typing that out makes me feel a lot better. And I have always gotten such positive comments and feedback from all of you! I truly appreciate it! =)

I will be sure to keep updating my progress and what the doctor says tomorrow.

I am very excited about this weekends Seattle VegFest, though! I have had some readers email me stating that they were going to be there so I am hoping I can meet some of you!!! =) I won two free passes from Living Harvest foods so both Marc and I will be going. I am looking forward to sampling some new products, meeting people and being involved in Seattle’s large veggie population! 

So if you are planning on attending please email me! I would love to meet you! =)

And don’t forget to enter my Spa Giveaway; It ends on Friday!

I will leave you all with some pictures of J. I took these yesterday as I never got around to taking any pictures of him on Easter with his basket.

DSC04971 DSC04974 DSC04980 DSC04984 DSC04985 DSC04988 DSC04991 DSC04993    

Have a wonderful day!


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Weekend Pics + FAQ’s

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?

I have seen a lot of you were having wonderful weather and were able to get out of the house – I love that spring is finally here! =)

We were able to get out of the house as well and headed down to the park. J loves the outdoors!

DSC04774 DSC04750 DSC04754 DSC04756 DSC04758 DSC04760 DSC04762 DSC04765 DSC04767 DSC04773

We all had a great time getting some fresh air!

But before we left we made some homemade pizza – I had veggie, of course. I used Soy Cheese but was very upset that I didn’t look at the ingredients BEFORE buying as it contained casein – which is a milk protein. I would have skipped it all together!  My pizza was still good – it had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, basil, tomato sauce and pizza seasoning (love this stuff!!). DSC04740


I have been taking a break from running as my legs have been pretty tired feeling. But I did lace up and try them out this morning. Marc told me to run as long as I can, no goal but to just run until I felt the need to stop. Little did I know I was able to run 8.5 miles today! I was feeling great and I am so happy I took those days off! I even upped my pace by 10-20 seconds each mile – I love seeing improvements in my stamina and strength.

Before heading out I ate half of a Clif Bar and a cup of coffee. See anything?


Now do you?


After my run I came home and made a refreshing GM! Much needed, too!


I went and showered and was still starving, so I made myself a HUGE sandwich. I toasted some sprouted bread and filled it with home made guac, two bean burgers, lettuce, cilantro, red bell pepper and onion.

DSC04777    DSC04776

It was to-die-for good!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my two boys – it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend! =)

How was yours?



I am in the middle of making a FAQ page but I would like to know what other kinds of questions you may have – from parent hood, to facts about me, my eating, my life and so on.

You can ask them in my comments, in email ( or here. But be nice – my feelings get hurt easily 😛 !!


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8 week training plan

The dream of running a half marathon is still fresh in my mind but I cannot get past certain barriers; like running more than 6 miles and to start to really push myself. After looking at several half marathon plans, both beginner and advanced, and came up with my own training that I feel I can successfully complete. I also think it will really challenge me and help me see that I can do more than I thought.
It’s pretty self explanatory and straightforward. I am designating the weekend for my long runs and a day of easy cardio, either outside or at the gym. Friday’s are a rest day but I will do a small strength training session like abs or pop in a 30 day shred DVD if I feel I need to. I really do not want to hurt myself and I know that I perform much better with more rest than not.

By the end of week 8 I hope to be able to run 12 miles at one time and increase my stamina and endurance.

Week 1
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 4 miles
(easy) Ended up doing 3 miles and 10 minutes of rowing & core work
Wednesday – Cardio of choice 60 min + strength train I did 45 min on the elliptical and 15 minutes on stair stepper
Thursday – Speed Repeat (
jog 15 minutes, then 1 mile at push it pace. Jog for 2 minutes the another mile at push it pace. Jog for 15 minutes then end) – This was awesome! I did my two miles at 8.45! And over all completed 5 miles.
Friday – Rest and/or strength train depending on how I feel. I took a nice 45 minute walk with Jordan – no strength
Saturday – 6 miles
(easy) I did 6.15 miles in 63 minutes – a nice slow pace but I kept my water breaks to only 2!
Sunday – Cardio of choice 60 minutes
I did a 5k in race pace – a little over 27 minutes, then did stairs for 15 minutes
Week 2
Monday – rest  I did a workout video for strength.
Tuesday – 4 miles (easy) REST
Wednesday – Cardio of choice 60 min + strength train Ran/walked 5 miles – I had really bad hamstring cramps from the strength on Monday
Thursday – Hill Train ( jog 15 minutes. Run uphill for 2 minutes then jog back down to recover for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times. Jog 15 minutes then end.) No hill train, 3 miles and 15 minutes on stairs. Legs are still giving me problems.
Friday – Rest and/or strength train.  REST
Saturday – 7 miles (easy)  I did 8.10 miles in 1 hour and 19 minutes
Sunday – 3 miles at race pace
Did a 5K in 27 minutes, then stairs, then some strength
Week 3
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 miles (easy)

Wednesday – Cardio of choice 60 min + strength train
Thursday – Speed Repeat (see week 1)

Friday – Rest and/or strength train REST
Saturday – 8-9 miles (easy) REST
Sunday – cardio of choice and 2 miles at race pace
8.5 miles (forgot to track time but I was running at a 9:30-9:40 pace)
Week 4
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 4 miles easy  3 miles and 15 minutes of stairs at level 17
Wednesday – Cardio of choice for 60 min + strength
Thursday – Hill Repeat (see week 2)
Friday – Rest and/or strength train
Saturday – 7 miles (easy)
Sunday – 3 miles at race pace

Week 5
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3 miles (easy)
Wednesday – Cardio for 60 minutes + strength
Thursday – Speed Repeat x 3 (see week 1)
Friday – Rest and/or strength
Saturday – 11 miles
Sunday – light cardio or rest

Week 6
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3 miles (easy)
Wednesday – Cardio of choice 60 min + strength
Thursday – Hill Repeat (see week 2)
Friday – Rest and/or strength
Saturday – 7-9 miles (easy)
Sunday – 4 miles at race pace
Week 7
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 2 miles easy
Wednesday – Cardio of choice for 60 min + strength
Thursday – Speed repeat x 3 (see week 1)
Friday – rest and/or strength
Saturday – 12 miles (easy)
Sunday – light cardio or rest
Week 8
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 2-3 miles (easy)
Wednesday – Cardio of choice for 60 min + strength
Thursday – Hill repeat (see week 2)
Friday – Rest and/or strength
Saturday – 6 miles (easy)
Sunday – 4 miles at race pace


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Eats + Homemade Croutons

(Recipe at the bottom of post)

I was CRAVING some oats this morning – thanks bloggers! I swear everyone had oats today, so I jumped on the band wagon.


Organic oats + gala apples + cinnamon + maple syrup + dried cranberries + PB. For some reason the apples tasted funny in the mix. I was dissapointed =(

Lunch was leftover pizza


And PEAS! I love peas! Yes, straight from the can. =)


Dessert – currant’s are so delicate!


I also made some homemade croutons from a half of a French baguette – they turned out beautifully! I will post the recipe below.


J and I made yet another trip to the fabric store. I swear it’s like being in a candy store for me. They were having a HUGE sale on children’s flannel so I have some fun projects coming up!

I stopped by Starbucks and picked up a soy chai latte, then came home and had an apple with cinnamon.


I was looking forward some gym time tonight so I quickly at a half of a sprouted bagel with some almond butter on it – this was a great pre-workout snack!


I did 4.5 miles in 46 minutes including a 4 minute warm up, and I did some interval work on the stairs at level 15! I cannot believe how strong my legs are! Level 15 is INTENSE and pretty dang hard. Way to go legs!

I was watching The Biggest Loser at the gym, too. I would LOVE to train with the Olympians!

I made sure I got home before the very end. I quickly emptied out my veggie drawer and started chopping.


I was craving a huge salad so a HUGE salad I got!


Believe me, it tasted much better than the picture!

Romaine + basil + carrots + avocado + artichoke hearts + great northern beans + peas + red onion + Amy’s Goddess Dressing + black pepper. I noticed that I had a pretty carby day today so this was a great balance to end the day.

Any one surprised the Mellissa went home? I cannot understand how she has managed to have 3 BAD weeks! First it was +1, then it was –1, then tonight it was another +1. How? Although I must admit she looks great in her comparison picture that they showed at the end; but I still do not understand!


Homemade Croutons

  • stale French bread
  • olive oil
  • garlic powder, Italian seasoning or any spice of your choice

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the bread into bite size cubes. It’s easiest to take all of the bread pieces and put in a large bowl, drizzle oil to coat and toss with your hands. Put the croutons on a cookie sheet, sprinkle your seasoning(s) of choice on them and back for 10 minutes.

They should be hard and golden brown – cool and enjoy!



DSC04184       DSC04187