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Banana heaven! + No Soy?

What could be better than starting the day with a cup of coffee and a hot banana muffin? The aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and banana lingered throughout the house all morning long. It was heavenly. I had a dab of … Continue reading

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Building a vegan kitchen – a reader’s question answered

Hey all! How was your Wednesday? Here is another great question from a dear reader asking how to start transitioning to a vegan diet. Hi there. First want to say that I absolutely love your blog. I must say it … Continue reading

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Reader question answered + eats on Monday

Welcome back, Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! =) I promise this post wont be as long as yesterdays. So let me just jump right into things: Tofu scramble + romaine lettuce + avocado + whole wheat wrap = … Continue reading

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It’s the weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Me? Well… I am planning on going for a nice run, hopefully over 6 miles, BUT Seattle has yet to let the sun shine nor has it even let the rain stop. … Continue reading

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Gathering my Strength!

Look what I was able to do yesterday!While this time is not breaking news, nor has it been my best, it’s my best in a very long time! And you were all right when you said to keep my chin … Continue reading

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What to do if you suspect a dairy intolerant baby

You asked the questions, now you have the answers! I am doing another FAQ post that I believe is a very important topic: How do you know if your baby/child is dairy intolerant? Here are two questions I have received … Continue reading

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Bloat – oh my!

Question of the day: I recently (within the last month) began eating vegan/vegetarian. Does the bloat/gas ever go away? Oy! Thanks! Trysha This is a very common problem with new vegans and vegetarians, and happens to everyone! While it is … Continue reading

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Starting to eat clean

Question of the day: What are some really good starting out eating clean recipes for toddlers and family of 4?Clean Eating is not as hard as it seems. In fact, once you start implementing this life style and change of … Continue reading

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Get your drink on!

Question of the day: I don’t use almond milk. I use cow’s milk. Can I replace cow’s milk for almond milk in a green monster? Of course! In fact you don’t have to use milk at all if you prefer. … Continue reading

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How I keep a little one busy enough to cook!

Question of the day: You’ve gotten me hooked on Green Monsters! I was wondering if you have any advice for me, a stay at home mom of a one year old. How do you keep J busy in the kitchen … Continue reading

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