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Eating to live again

I’m not sure what is going on in Seattle lately.

We have been hit by big ol gray clouds filled with big, soggy drops of rain. But you know what?… I love it.


I enjoy my morning coffee on my balcony looking at the vibrant green foliage in the courtyard. Even tough I currently live in a condo community, you virtually cannot see any other buildings due to the high trees. It’s beautiful and makes me forget I live in the Seattle area.

Oh and the rain… yes. I really do love the rain. In fact, I prefer cloudy days over bright sunny days. I feel calm, relaxed, at peace… I also cannot stand the heat. Although Seattle doesn’t get as much rain as people often say, we do still get our fair share. I guess I was destined to live here.

All day yesterday I was thinking about one thing – my health and my personal commitment to my body.

As I mentioned previously, I have been having a struggling time with food. Between stress of life and work, I was becoming less aware of the foods I was eating. In-turn, reaching for comfort foods. Processed, loaded with sugar and opposite of what my meals normally consisted of. I was also getting in the bad habit of eating more and more dairy. Yogurt, cheese, ice cream, bites of Bub’s mac n cheese… And along with very minimal exercise I noticed my clothes feeling a bit tight and I felt heavy and uncomfortable.

I decided to do one thing yesterday that I have not done in about a year: I weighed myself.

And while I am not going to reveal what it is… because it’s really not what I want to focus on… let’s just say I was not surprised. I can feel it. Every extra bit. And it’s more than just a few extra pounds. I have been breaking out, which I never do, and my mind is foggy. I feel like I am failing on myself. And failing with all of you.

It’s time for a change. A change of mind. A reboot. A new beginning… or whatever you want to call it. I’m calling it my 80/20 plan.

From here on out I will be making a conscience effort to eat 80% raw, 20% cooked… and 100% vegan. I am getting rid of the processed foods, extra sugars, gluten, limiting salt and consuming more tea/water. I am also going to be blending and juicing a lot more. I feel energized when I drink my nutrients and I can tell my digestive system likes the much needed break.

I have been diligently reading recipes, research papers, watching videos, etc. All to feel prepared and to excite me once again. I am VERY excited. I will also be sharing my eats with all of you on my blog. I feel documenting is an important tool to help monitor eating. Plus, I want my journey to be a learning tool for those that want to start eating more raw but have a hard time understanding what they should be eating. My first words of encouragement: take it step by step.


An apple + dates + almond butter for me and an apple + almond butter for Bubs. I am going to incorporate the same eating with Jordan, too. He already loves smoothies, juice and raw fruit. But when he sees me eat certain foods he is much more inclined to try them.



Raw Kale Salad and a glass of fresh juice.


1 orange + 4 carrots + 1 apple + 1/3 of softball size beet + 1 lemon (peeled)



cucumber + hummus + cayenne pepper



rawballs2 I also made a batch raw chocolate balls. I knew I needed something sweet and chocolaty to munch on. Depriving myself of chocolate is a bad thing.


There were also some random bites of cantaloupe and cauliflower. I wasn’t too hungry for dinner tonight.

So there you have it. A confession that I am rather embarrassed about but something that I wanted to share with all of you. Because every one goes through rough times. Everyone feels venerable. And even the healthiest people do make decisions that may not be so healthy.

It happens to everyone.

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