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I have a talent that I am pretty proud of.

Besides making adorable boys named Jordan… and having double jointed fingers… I can sew.

I sew all kinds of things. Quilts, bags, pillows, coasters, placemats… and more recently, pants.


I have been wanting to incorporate this side of me in my blog for a while now. I was afraid that readers may not connect with it, though. People searching for “clean eating” and stumbling upon stories of my ridiculously huge fabric stash I have in my craft room bedroom.


But these pants are just too cute not to share. And the model? He’s all mine, ladies.


These pants could be used for sleep ware. But they are perfect for lounging when it is cloudy outside.


If you would like to see and learn more, I do have a small shop that is currently open. And if you insist, I can start incorporating more of this in to my posts. I have a lot of fun creating with fabric. It is definitely something that is and always will be a part of me.

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