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Juice + Photo Journal of San Francisco

I was looking through my photo folders on my lap top and I found some photos from a work trip to San Francisco last October, 2011. I finally got around to editing them.

san fran8


san fran7


+ Ash {bff} +

San Francisco was a magical city. During the day we were in conferences but we were able to explore downtown on breaks and after 4. I woke up early on Sunday and walked alone for a few hours. It was delightful. Magical.

san fran9
san fran10 san fran 11
The trip was not a food based trip… although I have heard, read and seen many delicious deli’s and restaurants. I would love to go back someday. I love Northern California.

Until next time, San Francisco…


And while editing my photos I started to get rather thirsty. I large jar of fresh juice sounded amazing.

1 beet + 2 apples + 3 carrots + 2 oranges

Jordan enjoyed the juice too.



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