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Top Posts & Health Articles

Here is an accumulation of my health articles and top posts. If you have a suggestion of a recent post or ideas for upcoming posts, please let me know! Still looking for something? Try my ever growing FAQ page.
My Clean Eating Philosophy
How to start Eating Clean, even for children!
Question answered: “Do you get bored eating so healthy?”
7 common foods you should be avoiding
Getting your children to eat healthy
Question answered: Are you vegan? Or do you eat clean?
Snacks: Movie Time Alternatives
Veggie Tales: A look at store bought veggie burgers
Taking my vitamins
A look into Bee Pollen
5 foods I try to consume on a weekly basis
Lighten up and be food smart for 2010
Food Inc.
Needle and Thread – My love for sewing
Power of love – my ability to create!
Food treats for good behavior? Are you doing more harm than good?
The power of love – February 2010
Breast Feeding – the good and bad
Seattle VegFest 2010
Weight loss: Gain control and know your tools
Gas and bloating 
Help! I can’t have soy but want to go vegetarian!
Building a vegan kitchen – sugar, eggs and flour

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