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Going to rehab

“Hi. My name is Tasha and I am addicted to grocery shopping.”

Some people buy clothes, other shoes or purses… but I buy groceries. Nothing makes me happier than grocery shopping. I used to dread it – I wasn’t always creative in the kitchen, nor did I enjoy a lot of different kinds of foods.

But these days I am obsessed with finding new ingredients, cooking exotic recipes and over all expanding my knowledge of food. I view the produce section as my play land, I drool over all of the bulk beans and grains and I OOOO and AAHHH over pretty much everything else!

I could go shopping every day and I would end up buying something fun and fascinating each and every time. Food truly amazes me!


My veganism is going wonderfully! Yesterday was kind of hard – I wanted cheese really bad and knowing that I couldn’t eat it made it even harder. And I was hungry most of the day, but it was the hunger that wasn;t in my stomach; it was in my head.

But today I was totally pumped to eat vegan and cravings were non existent. It helped looking through recipes and health articles last night, too.

I think the problem people have with food change is that they think there is nothing to eat. When in fact there are thousands of dishes waiting to be made and eaten. It always helps to have a game plan, too. It’s those times that you are starving and you looking around finding yourself discouraged because “there is nothing to eat!”. Change is hard but you have to make sure you are setting yourself up for easy adaption.

I woke up hungry this morning so I poured myself a bowl of cereal – granola and gluten free Kidz Puffs with almond milk.


I subbed my coffee for tea.


Woke up not feeling very well. Throat, nose and ears all bent out of shape. J seems to be feeling better but I did take him to the doctor as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t settling into his chest before the weekend. Doctor said not to worry!

I was pretty much starving by the time we arrived back at home, so I heated up a huge mug of lentil soup.


Along with a piece of sprouted toast with Earth Balance on it.


I was shoving this soup into my mouth – I was soooo hungry! Filled me up quite nicely. 

I munched on some cantaloupe for dessert.


It was a gorgeous day in the Seattle area today! J and I went and did a little walking and window shopping. We went to Pier One then to the grocery store.

I bought some kale, spinach, canned beans, coconut yogurt… and this.


Lotus Root. I have seen this featured in recipes for a while now and I have always been intrigued. It actually caught me by surprise as I wasn’t even looking for it but then noticed it with the other Japanese produce. I took a chance and bought one really not sure what I was going to do with it.

J snacked on some raisins when we got back home, isn’t he cute!? I can’t believe how grown up looking he is getting!


I made a hot mug of ginger green tea in my new mug I bought at Pier One. I love their clearance section!


Then I started to experiment with my new friend, The Lotus Root.

I’m going to make a separate post on the recipes and techniques as it is long and complex but here are my finished products:


Lotus Crisps


Stir Fry.

After dinner I snuggled up with my boy… I mean Coconut Bliss.


Nothing says love like Chocolate!


6 thoughts on “Going to rehab

  1. I LOVE grocery shopping too! When I hit a rut during the week..maybe too tired to exercise or feel down..I go find new foods to try out! haha :)I'm new to vegan eating as well, if you really crave cheese…Daiya is amazing, maybe see if they sell it in your neighborhood anywhere? Also, Dr. Cow makes a product as well that's made of tree nuts. I only named these 2 because they're the least artificial, zombie-food vegan alternatives.

  2. I just posted about too much shopping because some items went to waste this week (sad). I will soon post the scary looking combos of the foods we have left. We're not allowed to go back to the store until we've made a serious dent. Enjoy the GORGEOUS weekend!

  3. I am with you on the grocery shopping. I'm so addicted! My grocery budget is a little out of control. I'm not sure if this is a problem. I mean…food is important but still. My addiction could be worse I guess. Also, love the little chuck taylors!!

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