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2.10 eats

Wow, I totally spaced posting yesterdays eats!


Chocolate and PB shake for breakfast.

J helped me =)


Lunch – Bleak Bean burger (which I am out of! Need to make more!), topped with Laughing Cow cheese, hot sauce, red onion, all on a bed of lettuce


And a side of carrots with hummus


AND a mug of tomato soup with my home made croutons – x2! I loved it!


I am needed a VEGAN tomato soup recommendation – either store bought or home made. Any suggestions?

And look who I caught in the pantry!


What was he doing, you ask?


Munching on my dried cranberries!


Silly boy! I had a good laugh before I put the lid back on!

Dinner was a treat – Thai. Look at this spread!


Marc got Chicken Pad Thai and Shrimp Panag Curry – I got Red Curry Tofu.

With some Thai Iced Teas!


I had A LOT of my curry and some Pad Thai minus the chicken pieces.


I was stuffed! We watched Couples Retreat last night , too. We went and saw it in the theater when it first came out – it’s a pretty cute movie!


15 thoughts on “2.10 eats”

  1. That looks delicious and amazing! I will definitely try it! I love this blog and mention your blog to my friends and followers. I'm always looking for ways to eat nutritiously and teach my son the same. Thanks so much for posting such great information.Michelle GrygoCulinary Institute of My Own Damn Kitchen

  2. Adrien – I use chocolate Amazing Grass for my greens. And I found the template online a while back and just modified it. I do make all of my headers though. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and all of the template info is stated.Chelsea – Thank you! I will check it out!

  3. Jared is sooooo adorable! And wow – that black bean burger looks soooo good! It even looks like it smells good! LOL And that Thai food spread makes me want more Thai…and I just had it late last week! It's def one of my weaknesses! 😛

  4. chocolate pb shake- lucky girl- do you have a good chocolate protein powder you use that's also vegan?and one more thing- who did your site design? It's awesome!

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