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It really is worth it

It’s been a fabulous past few days. I have been taking it easy, catching my breath and just enjoying the day. It’s not going to last forever but until then I am savoring the time!

The main thing I have enjoyed is being home with Bubs.

breakfast1 I am still waking up at my usual 6:30AM – which has been great since I can get A LOT of things done before Jordan wakes up. I have loved being his personal chef again… he calls me Mama Chef.


He was going to a great preschool/daycare. He loves it there, actually. But being the health nut I am I was always a little unsure about the eating situation. I buy local, organic and wholesome foods for me and my family. I limit the sugar and preservatives. And most of the time I cook from scratch. It makes me feel so much better knowing that Jordan is eating healthy.

Today’s breakfast was organic blueberry waffles (frozen), organic strawberries and organic apple juiced diluted with water.

I had coffee with almond milk, whole wheat bagel with vegan cream cheese, strawberry preserves and an orange.

breakfast3 breakfast5

I have featured my mug in a few different posts and recently I have received a few emails asking me where I picked it up from. The mug is made here in Washington and is sold in Made In Washington Stores – I spotted this particular mug at the Seattle Airport when I was flying to Georgia. I love it.


I also have gone grocery shopping during the day when it is nice and calm instead of at night or on the weekends when it is crazy busy. We all know how small Trader Joes can feel when half the town is shopping all at once.


I am back to creating recipes for the blog which I am super excited about! I forgot how much I love being in the kitchen! Jordan helps most of the time, too. He just loves being around me. I show him what I am doing, explaining the steps and processes. His brain is a sponge – he soaks up everything I tell and show him! He is also very eager to learn and help out. He is such a good boy.

Oh how I have missed this little face.


Are you a working mom or a stay at home mom? What are some tips that you have to balance out your day?

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