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Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope each and everyone of you had a safe weekend!

I was busy thrift store shopping, running, relaxing and sewing! Oh and eating! i couldn’t forget about eating. =)

I finally purchased a new pair of running shoes – feet, I apologize for the abuse the past few months. But I am sure you will love your new home!



Thanks for the miles – I will miss you!


Of course I had to try out today. They gave me power and strength! I literally felt like I was running on air!

Mile 1 – 8:36
Mile 2 – 8:27
Mile 3 – 8:19
Mile .66 – 5:32 (8:20 mile)
Total = 3.66 in 30:56

I did some much needed grocery shopping.


Beans, legumes, pasta, rice and nuts


Roasted red peppers, Tahini (the best ever!), Honey Mustard


Orange Flower Water – I found this in the clearance section. I have seen it used in a few recipes but have forgotten what they were. I am now on the hunt! Has anyone used this before?





Then there was thrift store shopping. I literally could thrift store shop all of the time!

My bag was STUFFED!


… with knick-knacks, books and kitchen stuff…


… and then there was fabric. A LOT of fabric!


Cotton, poly blends, home decor… I was literally dancing with joy! I simply cannot wait until I can start cutting and creating!

And speaking of creating, here is a sample of my latest creations.

Madison Quilt


White Owl


Chloe Quilt

chloe quilt

I have created a new home to showcase my creativity. That way I can stay organized and keep things simple. I hope you all with visit the Nerdy Owl.


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