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Treats for good behavior – are you doing more harm than good?

What is wrong with this picture?

I was watching an episode of Supper Nanny (props to Jo Jo!) and I saw a family giving junk food as rewards. Pringles, cookies, candy… while washing it down with sugar loaded drinks. While this may seem to be the best way to reward good behavior, what are you really teaching in the long run?
That every time they do something good they can have free sugar or junk food? That goes hand in hand with the trend in today’s society. Get a promotion at work – go out to dinner. Good grades – ice cream after school. See the trend and relation? And with excessive TV watching, video game playing and computer surfing, families just are not as active as they could and used to be.
Look, I am not one to say rewards are not in order for achieving goals but I really believe that the type of “reward” should be changed. We as parents and adults need to put the lives of those that rely on us first more often, and to really think before doing.

The child obesity rate is soaring higher and higher as every year passes. Are you, as the parent, contributing to this? Want to change this? Lead by example – eat foods that are healthy and nutritious but keep them fun for the kids. Kids want to do everything that their parents do; you are their role models!

A snack here or there is not making the obesity rate rise. It’s the constant eating of fast food, white bread, sugar, soda, fried potato chips, and endless hours in front of the TV or computer that is causing this drastic rise. If the snacks not in the house kids will not be as likely to be picky about the foods that ARE, or SHOULD BE, in the house.

And do not give in to their cleverly timed tantrums. They know you will eventually break down and give in to quiet them down and for them to be “happy”. Kids will not starve and will eventually eat what they are given to them. You are not being mean or hurtful, you are teaching them that proper nutrition and good health is vital.

Parents: do your part in making your child healthy and give them the tools for them to grow into active and normal weight adults. You have the power to make the child obesity rate lower.

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