The Power Of Love

February is a love/hate month for all. I am vowing to LOVE this month in its entirety! And I hope you all with join me!


I have started a new challenge for the entire month of February – To love myself each and every day!

We need to start standing proud of who we are, our accomplishments and start learning to love the one person that matters: Yourself.

We need to live our lives for us, be proud of the decisions we make, be confident in who we are and embracing your own uniqueness.

My goal is to write and reflect on one thing that I am proud of, happy with and would not change each and everyday. I too am often found looking at the negative rather than the positive with myself. As a born nurturer and giver, I put others before myself on a daily basis. While this is a necessity in life and a wonderful trait to have, it is not healthy when we go to the extreme and always put our own feelings on the back burner.

So this month I vow to journal, write and reflect all that makes me ME. The ME that is wonderful, the ME that is strong, the ME that is beautiful.

I want you all to join me in this start to a healthy mind and a realization that we need to be good to ourselves.

Have a healthy and loving month! YOU DESERVE IT!


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This one is on me


Good morning?


Oh, you are there! Wonderful! So am I!
Just going through yet another life adventure… one that is keeping me away from the computer, my blog, my camera, my email… pretty much everything and everyone. BUT rest assure it is a good thing! Busy, no time for anyone or anything, but good!

I have loved reading all about Foodbuzz weekend, too. I wanted so badly to attend. There is always next year, right?

So as I go about my crazy, LONG days, my new adventures and my eats (or lack of), you are all still in my thoughts and I am waiting for the day that I can be calm, collected and have some free time.



I hope.


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… make lemonade

So what do you think of the new layout? Like? (I am working on the comments for past posts – I hope I didn’t lose them)

As part of my whole New Voice change, I decided a new look was needed. I wanted something simple, rustic and to the point. I weeded out a lot of my sidebar flair to make my posts more of the focal point, too.

I also wanted to discuss the whole “clean eating” topic. When I first heard about clean eating, I was very enthusiastic about it and wanted to share with everyone, hence the blog. In a years time, I have still kept my clean eating ways but have transitioned to being vegetarian/vegan, mostly clean still but eating food that is cruelty free and from the earth. My blog has been such a valuable resource for individuals and I receive emails almost daily asking me how they can start to live a better life through their diet. I love that I have made such a dynamic and powerful influence on people and they are coming to me for advice.

However, I have noticed that when I post a recipe that may not be entirely “clean” I often receive comments and emails asking me why I would promote such thing since my blog is heavily influenced on clean eating. I don’t mind these comments as I feel people have valid points. While I do eat very clean, I eat a plant based diet and I would like to be able to showcase this more and detach from the label of “clean eating”. Honestly, I don’t like labels.

I love recipes. I love cookbooks. I love making meals that showcase local and fresh ingredients. It’s a form of art and creativity. And I love sharing them with all of you.

Over the past 6 or so months there has been some concern with the privacy and safety of myself and my family. Using my posts, pictures and comments against me in a way that I felt threatened and uneasy. At the time I didn’t want to bring attention to the problem and just left it alone. I was able to pinpoint the culprit(s) through IP addresses but it has made me re-think what I post. I hate it.

So that’s what is going on in a nut shell.

Do you want to know my recent flavor combo?
Red onion and dried cranberries! Perfect in a salad!


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Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope each and everyone of you had a safe weekend!

I was busy thrift store shopping, running, relaxing and sewing! Oh and eating! i couldn’t forget about eating. =)

I finally purchased a new pair of running shoes – feet, I apologize for the abuse the past few months. But I am sure you will love your new home!



Thanks for the miles – I will miss you!


Of course I had to try out today. They gave me power and strength! I literally felt like I was running on air!

Mile 1 – 8:36
Mile 2 – 8:27
Mile 3 – 8:19
Mile .66 – 5:32 (8:20 mile)
Total = 3.66 in 30:56

I did some much needed grocery shopping.


Beans, legumes, pasta, rice and nuts


Roasted red peppers, Tahini (the best ever!), Honey Mustard


Orange Flower Water – I found this in the clearance section. I have seen it used in a few recipes but have forgotten what they were. I am now on the hunt! Has anyone used this before?





Then there was thrift store shopping. I literally could thrift store shop all of the time!

My bag was STUFFED!


… with knick-knacks, books and kitchen stuff…


… and then there was fabric. A LOT of fabric!


Cotton, poly blends, home decor… I was literally dancing with joy! I simply cannot wait until I can start cutting and creating!

And speaking of creating, here is a sample of my latest creations.

Madison Quilt


White Owl


Chloe Quilt

chloe quilt

I have created a new home to showcase my creativity. That way I can stay organized and keep things simple. I hope you all with visit the Nerdy Owl.


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No time!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and was able to spend time with the one man who will love you no matter what: your dad.

Happy Father’s day, Dad!

I guess I decided to take the weekend off – I literally didn’t take any pictures of food. I guess I was planning and relaxing for the start of a new week. We had a relaxing Father’s Day. I thought it was supposed to be a fairly nice weekend but it ended up being cloudy and rainy. The rain really doesn’t bother me, in fact I embrace it. That means I don’t have to water the grass or my plants. Although I feel bad for J as he LOVES to play outside!

The only picture I did take was off my lunch yesterday. It was pretty much amazing in every way.


A simple whole wheat wrap. I spread my basil cheese spread on the bottom then topped with with chickpeas, red bell pepper, read onion, avocado and salt and pepper. I don’t know about you but I love red bell pepper!


Then I had an organic apple with some peanut butter.  

This week is going to be a crazy and busy week for me but I promise to still post at night or in the morning.

Have a wonderful week! AND remember to subscribe to my posts on the right hand side of my blog. That way you will receive my posts via email as soon as I write them.
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Tea Time

Hi all!
No need to worry or send out a search party – I am here! I really have not had the opportunity to get on and blog the past few weeks. Marc and I have been diligently planning and working on what could be the newest adventure in our life. Exciting stuff but still in planning. 🙂

So how are all of you? Gosh, I haven’t even visited other blogs in a little over 2 weeks, either. Time really just slips away, doesn’t it!?

I have been obsessed with drinking iced tea lately!


I have been brewing a few cups of Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger and it has been so delightful to drink! Just ice and tea. In a mason jar for good measure. 😉

I love reusing mason jars for drinking glasses. They hold just enough liquid and have a rustic charm to them.

I plan on getting back on schedule here soon enough!
Later Gaters!


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Monday, Monday

Good morning! Happy Monday!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a great little weekend with some much needed family time.

So I am getting cozy in my chair, listening to J destroy his toy box, cartoons in the background, sipping on coffee and catching up on everyone else’s weekend.

Happy Monday!