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Homemaker Love


My apron was on all day yesterday; I cooked, cleaned, sewed and played. 

I decided to grow an avocado plant. I have heard it’s easy, and with the amount of avocado’s I eat I thought what the heck!

DSC05317DSC05319 DSC05318 

Grow little seed, grow!


All you do is suspend the pit in water for a few weeks until it sprouts, then you plant it in dirt and give it love. =) I love growing plants!

I wanted to run outside yesterday but Seattle’s weather has been anything but predictable. Yesterday we had it all – rain, hail, sun, thunder and wind.


I took advantage of the bad weather and made a large pot of soup.




Lentil soup is my all time staple for comfort food.



I also finished up some sewing projects.

A fleece baby blanket


A delicate yo-yo pillow

DSC05343 DSC05344

My Great Grandma taught me how to make yo-yo’s several years ago. I loved them then and I love them now.


These items are listed here.

And speaking of running: I ran 3 miles last night in under 30 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! I did stop after every mile to have a small water break, though. And my lungs need a little cardiovascular training, but my legs felt great! It’s amazing even after a few months of not running how my muscles still have strength and endurance. Muscle memory is no joke, people!

Looks like today will be another warm day inside the house as the rain clouds are still covering Seattle. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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