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Monday Motivation

 Happy Monday! You might not know this but I am starting to LOVE Monday again! Monday’s bring opportunity. Opportunity to start things you have been putting off or opportunity to look at something that didn’t work and try it again. … Continue reading

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A food blogger weekend!

What a busy weekend I had! Both Saturday and Sunday were PACKED with foodie events! And both days I had company from my best friend, Ashley. We used to work together last year and since we both moved careers we … Continue reading

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It’s the second day of spring and we are getting snow… ? Seattle gets some crazy weather at times! So we are up, ready to start our day… errr just relaxing, eating Orchard Bars and drinking some coffee. I was … Continue reading

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Grocery Time

Hi friends! I’m not sure what the weather was like today in your neck of the world but Seattle was breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! Still a little chilly but so sunny!   The view from my apartment is amazing! Plus, I have … Continue reading

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Weekend treats + eats

Hello hello! This may be the longest post in the history of TCEM but I hope you enjoy! I had a fabulous weekend – finally some decent weather in Seattle! Saturday I woke up and ate a piece of toast … Continue reading

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Homemaker Love

My apron was on all day yesterday; I cooked, cleaned, sewed and played.  I decided to grow an avocado plant. I have heard it’s easy, and with the amount of avocado’s I eat I thought what the heck!    Grow … Continue reading

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Yes, I am here!

Holy Tuesday! I haven’t blogged in 4 days – wow! I’ve have been pretty distracted and busy; some personal decisions going on right now. But I am well so no need to worry =) I have had no time to … Continue reading

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Feeling nutty

Good morning!Yesterday was awesome – simply put. I started out with a yummy bowl of Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, strawberries, granola and trail mix.Then I packed a few things for J as my mom was watching him last night for us. … Continue reading

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The Pike Place Market

Just ANOTHER reason why I love living in the Seattle area. The Pike Place Market is filled with the salty aroma of the ocean and the abundant amount of fresh seafood, the vast array of every kind flower available, freshly … Continue reading

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