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My Aeropress

As most of you know, I love my coffee. I’m not one of those coffee drinkers who order a double tall, vanilla, extra foam, extra hot, non fat latte. No no… I am happy with a hot cup of drip coffee, black. However, I have had my fair share of nasty cups of coffee; bitter, sour, too strong, not strong enough. Coffee is like wine to me. I can taste each and every note of the coffee and can tell the difference between blends.

I have also owned my fair share of coffee makers. From espresso machines, to drip coffee makers and French presses; I’ve tried them all. Call it bad luck, or a sign, but every single one of those items listed has broke, leaving me coffee-less and unwanted dollars leaving my pocket book.

One coffee maker that has never let me down has been my Aeropress. I am sure most of you have net even heard of an Aeropress, but it has been the BEST coffee maker/press I have ever had. But besides its durability, it also MAKES the BEST cup of coffee I have EVER HAD. It is unbelievably smooth but the taste is bold and rich. I have made several friends and family members a cup of coffee with this press and they all had agreed that it was one of the best cup of coffee they have ever had. 

One look at the press may have someone ask, How do you make coffee with THIS?


It doesn’t look like much, does it. But let me show you how simple this little coffee maker is:

Here are the pieces :


You have the coffee chamber, the press and the filter.


It uses a micro-filter to filter the grounds from the water. Luckily these little filters are very durable and can easily be rinsed and re-used, especially useful if you are making several cups of coffee back-to-back.

The black ring and filter screw onto the bottom of the coffee chamber.


You add your coffee right into the chamber. Any grind will work, as well as any kind of coffee you prefer. Depending on how strong of coffee you like, you can add as much or as little coffee to suit your taste. I find the strength is similar to an Americano.


Next, you place the chamber on top of your mug or on a container with an opening that will hold the press.


Pour your hot water into the chamber until it reaches the top.


Stir for 10 seconds.

DSC05299 DSC05300

It will start to drip out into the cup as soon as you place the water into the chamber. Be sure to watch the amount of coffee that is dripping into the cup as you do not want it to over flow.


You can continue to add water to the chamber until you feel you have enough water to make a full cup of coffee. The chamber holds about a cup and a half of liquid.

Once you feel you have enough water, place the presser into the chamber and gently press down. ( I heat up about 2 1/2 cups of water to make a large cup of coffee.)



That’s it! Simple! I know it may look like a lot of work, but it is just as simple as a French press but takes less time. From start to finish it takes less than a minute. Isn’t that awesome!?

And clean up is a snap. Unscrew the black filter off of the bottom, continue to press the grounds out, pull the press out of the chamber and quickly rinse. And remember to rinse the filter as you can re-use it!


Now sit back and enjoy – pure bliss.


The only thing I would say about the Aeropress is it is not practical for a large group. We had my family over for dinner a few nights back and a conventional coffee maker would have been better, but I ended up making 5 cups of coffee with my Aeropress. It was a bit more work but EVERYONE enjoyed it! It made for great entertainment. 😉
Want your own Aeropress? Here is the list of retail stores that carry Aeropress’s or you can buy straight from Amazon. It is worth every penny, I promise!


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