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Let’s play!

Good morning and happy Friday!

J and I took a lovely 45 minute walk this morning before breakfast. I love that it is getting warmer in the Seattle area! My back is feeling great when I walk but I still cannot run. I facebooked about it a few nights back – basically I was feeling great and decided to try a nice slow jog outside. I wasn’t able to jog for more than a minute and I had to start walking; A lot of pain still when I jog. I am still really bummed about this and not to make things worse but my half marathon would have been tomorrow morning. =(

I am meeting with the doctor next week to go over my x-ray. Baby steps.


I was craving cereal this morning so I made a scrumptious bowl of granola and Puffins with almond milk – I LOVE Puffins, but only the original. 🙂


I had a sample box of granola from VegFest and it looked really good. MMmmm chocolate for breakfast is ALWAYS a good thing!


Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I just haven’t really been feeling the whole “blogging every day” thing. I have been a bit distracted – nothing serious, just life.

I did want to share some of my eats from yesterday, though. I know there are a lot of you that get inspiration from my eating.

Breakfast – Tofu Scramble



Dinner was a filling salad – red leaf and romain lettuce, sunflower seeds, onion, red bell pepper, EVOO, salt and pepper and some home made croutons.


Question for you all: I made hummus a few nights back and it doesn’t taste right. I followed the recipe exactly but it is very bitter tasting. I am thinking it’s the Tahini – I used raw Tahini. Should I use toasted TahiniDo you have any tips when you make hummus??  I mean don’t get me wrong, I will eat it up but it’s not that enjoyable. =(



Ron from NuNaturals, Inc contacted me a few weeks back asking if I would like to sample their products. I have heard great things about stevia in general but have never once tried it. Of course I was thrilled on the idea and said Yes! I was in complete shock when my order arrived – look at all of this product!


I was given these wonderful extracts to try:


Plus these large containers of baking blends:


A large box of packets and a packet of protein powder:


AND to top it all off, a HUGE supply of recipes to try!


I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Ron and everyone at NuNaturals, inc! I will be cooking and tasting for weeks to come! Have you tried NuNaturals products or stevia in general? Do YOU have any tips or recipes you would like to share with me?


J and I also went to the neighbor hood park yesterday. We ran, played and he had a great time getting out of the house! DSC05129 DSC05134 DSC05135 DSC05136DSC05142DSC05146DSC05145 DSC05148
I’m outta here!




8 thoughts on “Let’s play!”

  1. NuNaturals Stevia is awesome, I'm a huge fan of it now, better than Truvia or the cheap stevia I've tried from Trader Joe's.The tofu scramble looks wonderful and I'm glad there's been progress with your back – you'll be back to running soon!

  2. Everytime I make hummus it always just tastes "different" from the one I buy in the store. Turns out the store brands that I buy don't even use tahini.. so next time I make it i'm going to omit it and just stick to olive oil and any other little add ins like lemon juice, coriander, paprika etc.. whatever flavour suits me at the time!

  3. Ive tried Stevia, I find it extremely sweet and you only have to use a very very tiny amount. I think its an acquired taste.I love hummus but it tastes weird in Australia so Im going to make my own, never knew you could use Tahini.And Ive never tried Tofu but your breakfast makes me want to try it!

  4. apparently the texture is better when you de-skin the garbanzos. i am too lazy to do this, so I just buy TJ's eggplant hummus. Eating it as we speak 😉

  5. J is the cutest little buddy! Awesome NuNaturals package! I've noticed lately that the last two stores I went to (QFC and PCC) were completely out of Stevia. It kinda freaked me out. Is there a shortage or have they decided not to restock? I better stock up on Truvia or something!When I get back from traveling (mid-May) we'll get together for a Mighty O trip!

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