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Rock on!

I have to start tonight’s post with this little guy – my little Rocker!



He sees it…..


And he’s in for the kill!


Love it!


Here is what I have been filling my belly with as of late.


I am pretty much obsessed with this chocolate shake.

Almond milk + tablespoon unsweetened cocoa + chocolate amazing grass + ice + agave or honey to taste + PB = get in my belly!

Salads – I am hooked on my salads again!


Romaine + great northern beans + raw sunflower seeds + black olives + artichoke hearts + red onion + avocado + Amy’s Goddess dressing = nom nom nom… I couldn’t stop eating!


Confession time:


I don’t understand the hype. At all.

The entire blogger world is OBSESSED with Barney Butter but I just don’t understand. In fact, I was a little disappointed to see so many other ingredients listed besides almonds. Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt. Ok, I admit they are healthy ingredients, but why? I love the taste of natural ground almonds without anything else.

:sigh: Well, that means more for you! lol

I had it on an organic gala apple – man, this was a GOOD apple!


J had some apple pieces as his snack – this kid LOVES fruit!


And thanks to Jessica I had to make some kale chips today! (Just say NO to peer pressure!)



The only bad thing is that they make me burp – anyone else? Oh well, I still love them!

J and I headed over to a friends house for her daughters 2nd birthday party. She is such a doll! We stayed for about an hour – it was great to get out of the house and see them!

Dinner was homemade pizza – YUM!


My side had mozzarella cheese, yellow bell pepper, black olives, onion, artichoke hearts and basil. Marc’s side had pepperoni and onion. Soooo good!

I had once piece then headed to the gym for a sweaty workout – very much needed!

Hope everyone had a great day!


20 thoughts on “Rock on!”

  1. Aww, your little man is the cutest! I have been hooked on making almost the same exact chocolate shake, only sometimes I throw in a banana. It's SO good! I love that all those greens are hiding in a chocolaty shake. 🙂

  2. Oh today is National Pizza Day, so you celebrated last night!! Loving that pizza!!Yay your son is a little rockstar !! He is so adorable!!!I hope you have a great night!!!xoxo

  3. I totally get the burps from kale chips too. So much so, that it's turned me off to them entirely. (sniff, sniff) Your salad looks soooo good!

  4. Love the Rocker photo! Too cute. The reason I love Barney Butter so much is because it tastes like Skippy PB to me and that's what I grew up on. I prefer the creamy taste as opposed to the all natural (grainy?) taste. Feel free to send the rest of the BB my way! 🙂

  5. Love the little rocker look, adorable!Also, I enjoyed Barney Butter…but I'm much more smitten with Blue Diamond's Almond Butter varieties. That chocolate shake sounds delectable!

  6. Thanks so much for coming last night Tash! It was great to see you! Lets definitely do a playdate/lunch in the next week or something, maybe if it's nice we could take the kids to the zoo or science center or something! Talk to you soon!

  7. Haha that's so weird, Kale chips make me burp too…I agree about the almond butter. Barney Butter is soooo expensive and I just don't think it's worth all the $!And your son is adorable, as always 🙂

  8. I've got to try those kale chips. And your salad looks wonderful, amazing how "just" a salad can be so good and addicting. I totally get it. Love the ACDC shirt on the little one!

  9. Tash, I think you and I are the only bloggers on the planet who don't get the Barney Butter phenom! I was so excited to find it in my supermarket one day and couldn't wait to try it, but thought it was "meh". I like my homemade almond butter much better!Rock on, little guy!

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