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2 in 1 + craving alert!

WOW! What a long weekend! I have not really been on the computer for any length of time the past two days – it’s been nice. =)


My husband is a Washington State Wrestling Referee, primarily for high school, and is also the chairman of a scholarship fund AND a tournament director. He is one busy guy in the winter!

The tournament was yesterday, Saturday. J and I went down in the morning to hear his opening speech and to watch some wrestling. J was having such a great time seeing everyone, but we spent of the time in the large cafeteria running around. He loves running now! It makes a great cardio workout for me, too! 😉

I packed him a AB and J sammy and I actually forgot to pack anything for me. We left at about 11AM and I quickly dashed home for some much needed protein!


Spelt burger, fried egg and hot sauce. Oh. Yes. I. Did!


And some green beans, for good measure! =)

I was having such a sugar craving – I NEVER have these! Must have been not eating breakfast =(

So I fixed temporarily calmed it by having home made chocolate cookies.


Um, I ate 3. Just like that. I don’t feel so bad when they were made by me, though.

J and I went to the fabric store and spent some time playing hide and seek in the bolts of fabric. I also picked some fabric for a new quilt! (my excitement has come to a complete stop because I cannot find my power cord. I was in tears when I found this out! )

On the way home I stopped for…. a small Dr. Pepper. It sounded soooo good and I haven’t had soda in so long! Whatever. I think I am about to start my period because of my strange cravings.

Ok, I have a question. Am I the only one who doesn’t keep track of the days between? I am not on birth control and I never write down the last day or the start day. Marc finds this very strange that I have virtually no clue about my “time of the month”.

In other news: I am OFFICIALLY a runner!


Every time I run I keep bruising my toenail. I could see it through the nail itself and I knew that one day it would fall off. Literally every day I would play with it – like a kid playing with a loose tooth! Peeling it back, examining it, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Then it just happened!

The strange thing is that it looks like it’s painted red but it the massive bruise that was under my nail. Now all I have to do is repaint my nails (see the specks of red?) and you wont be able to tell!

J and I shared an apple with PB for an afternoon snack.


I fixed J a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and it smelled sooooo good! So after he went to bed I fixed myself one, too!


Roasted pepper tomato soup, raw carrots and edamame. I even sprinkled basil flakes on the cheese – I love basil!

And I love this soup! I ALWAYS have this kind in the pantry!


Marc was home at about 11, he was exhausted!

Today we slept in until about 7. J actually woke up a tad earlier than normal, and because of this he was in a not-so-great-mood.

I am so glad you all loved my picture recap of J! One of you mentioned that he never really looked like a typical “baby” the first few months. He was always so alert and had his huge eyes open all of the time. He still looks the same to me, except for now his is larger. =)

I made J and Marc pancakes and myself Green Eggs and toast.


I love adding spinach to my egg scrambles. I also added some cilantro, white onion, topped with avocado and hot sauce. And a bowl of cinnamon apples.


This is best idea yet – apples and cinnamon. Simple and oh so good!

Lunch was Thai, Marc’s request. Funny because I have been wanting Thai for the past few days!


Pad Thai and green curry with tofu. YUM! I was so stuffed after this that I decided to walk it off with J at the grocery market. I love shopping with my little guy – I talk to him, showing him all of the different kinds of food. He loves to be out with other people and looks at everyone and everything.      

I ate a Z bar at 7, went to the gym for a 6 mile run and ate yet another bowl of yogurt, strawberries and trail mix.

That pretty much sums up my weekend! Now I am going to take the last few minutes to catch up on all of YOUR weekend recaps!

Good night!


18 thoughts on “2 in 1 + craving alert!

  1. Ew on the toenail…somehow I've never lost one. I buy my running shoes a half size up from my regular shoes.I also don't keep track; sometimes I'll think back and remember that I got it on the day that I had a test, or that a paper was due. I've never EVER been regular anyway, so it makes no sense to me to track.

  2. toe looks yucky!! Make sure that you soak your foot.It sounds like you had fun with Jordan this past weekand. Marc looks good in his wrestling attire.All of your food looks good. And from what I have tasted at your house the pictures tell it tastes very good too!!I must come and see you all soon!!Love Mom

  3. Ok first.. ouch! Second, I always feel more fulfilled when I eat my homemade sweets vs store bought. I think it's something about going through the process and (cheesy alert) having a connection with making the food.. well not to mention they're almost always better anyway 🙂

  4. The food looks awesome, I love the green eggs and the fried egg on the burger. It sound's great! I never keep track of my periods, my daughter just got hers about 6 months ago and I never keep track of hers either though she seems fairly regular. You'd think it would be a simple thing to track, yet I don't at all. I don't even know the date any day of the month half the time. I have mutant pinky toenails that are thick and gross and if they get too long, I end up bashing them and they fall off. It doesn't even hurt. So disgusting. Toes in general just aren't pretty.

  5. OH MY GOSH TASHA…your poor toe! Is that common?I lost my thumb nail a couple of years ago bc I slammed it in my car door. Nothing and I mean NOTHING hurt like that did.everything you wrote is a blur now…OWIE!:O

  6. Ouch!! that looks so painful!! Hope your tow feels better. It is great to unplug from all the technology sometimes. Gives a nice sanity break I think=) Anyways sweetie I hope you are having a great Monday!! Take care

  7. BAH! Your toenail!!! That's quite the close-up.Sure you're not preggers?!?!!?Now that I've freaked you out, I track my period on my iPhone. There's an app for it and I love it-it helps keep me sane.

  8. Your toe nail was nasty, haha! Believe it or not, I have never lost a toe nail to running. I don't know if it is just that I know that my feet swell when I run, and my running shoes are loose enough to accommodate that swelling or what. My hubby plays soccer, and the first time I went over to his house he had nail polish in his bathroom. I was like, "Who's are these?". They were his! He would paint his toe nails green and blue when they would start to look nasty!

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