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The first day

Well hello everyone!

I hope everyone had an amazing night last night and everyone stayed safe!

As soon as it hit midnight I hit the sheets – I was sleeeeepy!

I was craving cereal this morning so I combined a bowl of cinnamon puffins, granola and almond milk.


J went down for a nap around 11:15 and I headed to the gym. They were only open until 2 today so I wanted to be sure I got a workout in.

I did a 3 mile run in 30 minutes, a 20 minute stationary bike hill ride and some ab work. See! I am finally incorporating some resistance into my cardio!

Marc was just bringing J down when I arrived back home and I quickly made him and I lunch – I was starving!


I know this looks gross but it good! I had some left over brown rice and steamed veggies from the other night and I reheated it. The reason it looks so “off” is because it was mostly cabbage – it was from a terriyaki shop and they really like to use cabbage I guess.


A yummy glass of Good Belly.


And a couple of clementines.

I was sweaty and FREEZING so off to the shower I went. I was still fairly hungry afterwards so I made a delicious bowl of yogurt.


It has been rainy and windy all day today. I was hoping that we would get a little snow but no dice. Boo.

After J’s dinner, he and Marc were cuddling on the couch and I just had to snap these pictures! They were sharing ice cream =)

DSC03627DSC03631 DSC03628 DSC03629 DSC03630 


My dinner was pretty much awesome!

I took some canned black beans and steamed sweet potatoes, combined them with some taco seasoning then put it on top of a bed of Romaine. I topped it with avocado, onion, tomato, salsa and hot sauce and viola!

DSC03632 DSC03633

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm…..


Then there was some peppermint ice cream – love it. Did you know that I have had this half gallon for more than 2 months!? Ya, I can’t believe it either! This has to be one of my favorite ice cream flavors and I let myself buy one half gallon every holiday season. I guess I ration it so it will last cause I am always sad once it’s gone. =(

Sorry everyone – I had a pretty boring day but it was a good day. But I am watching The Biggest Loser and I keep crying – I am such a sap!


10 thoughts on “The first day”

  1. The ice cream pictures are SO cute! Awesome restraint on the ice cream. I wish I could have milk, I'd do the exact.same.thing. I LOVE peppermint ice cream and Shaun hates it!

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