What a nice surprise!

The lovely Nicole from Prevention RD awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award! I am gushing with love and smiles right now!
beautifulbloggeraward I am completely amazed with the support and love from the health food blog world. Complete strangers unite together through the use of computers and blogs and somehow we all find a common connection. I was actually going to write a post dedicating to the blogs and bloggers that I adore! So many of us “little guys” get lost in to world of Caitlin, Tina, Jenna and Kath. I have found such an amazing circle of women who lend support, laughs, encouragement and love, and I cannot truly express how much I ADORE them!
I award the fellow Beautiful Bloggers with the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award!

  • Greens and JeansBecause she is beautiful and can totally ROCK her glasses!
  • Being Chelsea – She is an amazing woman and mom; and her daughter is adorable!
  • Dairy Free Betty – LOVE her, simply put. Little does she know I am trying to plan a trip to BC to meet her this year!
  • Geek Turned AthleteShe is such an inspiration to me and gets me motivated to keep on running and achieving goals!
  • Leslie Lifting LifeShe was one of the first healthy living blogs I started reading and one of the reasons why I started my own blog!
  • A sparkle a dayWatch out for Cindy! She is a sassy mom whose life has been blessed with so much love. I admire her dedication to live a happy and healthy life!
  • The Dallas CeliacA beautiful woman living her life with Celiac disease. I love her good will, humor and drive to stay healthy!

If I could list you all I would! These awards a little bitter sweet for me because I hate playing favorites, and honestly I have so many favorites that I often get confused with the names – lol. I will be doing another blog award soon so look for your name!
I guess I will leave you with 7 fun facts about me!

  • I HATE clowns.
  • I was a “hippy” in high school – handmade, patchwork clothing, didn’t shave my legs, no make up, listened to The Grateful Dead, Phish and so on.. I still am very much a “hippy” at heart, though!
  • I am an only child.
  • I hardly ever wear matching socks. I just throw them all in my drawer and randomly pick out ones that I am going to wear.
  • I have a scar on my forehead where I was accidently burned with a curling iron when I was little.
  • I LOVE Nintendo – Zelda is my favorite game of all time!
  • I could thrift store shop all day long. If I had it my way, my cupboards would be filled with mis-matched plates and mugs and my house would be decorated with kitschy items.

Well that is all for now – enjoy your day everyone and stay BEAUTIFUL!

15 thoughts on “What a nice surprise!

  1. I wonder how many girls who grew up in the 80s and early 90s have scars on their foreheads from curling irons. LOL. Loved reading your random facts!

  2. what a nice surprise indeed!I love your list of facts! I never seem to wear matching socks either! I have learned not to care!hahaThank you so much for the blogger love! you are the sweetest!I had better get a list of random facts together!xo

  3. Ohhhhhhh you are sooo super sweet!! 🙂 Are you REALLY thinking of coming up for a visit!? That would be fantastic! Let me know what your plans are, and we will make it work for sure!! We have lots in common too – I'm an only child too AND I am a total hippy at heart, people used to say that too me ALL the time when I was growing up!! And I love thrift stores too!! 🙂 You are in Seattle right? We've always chatted about taking the ferry down that way!! 🙂 Weeeeeeeeee, so excited!

  4. I love your 7 random things…I too burned my forehead when I was in high school and have a tiny scar. I'm not super coordinted though because I did it a few different times!

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