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STOP! It’s Kobacha time!

How is your Tuesday going?

Mine has been good, besides the fact that my throat is killing me. Great – not another cold! I am hoping that it will just pass; I really don’t want to be like I was a month ago. =(

So I am hoping some green tea and a gingerbread cookie will make me feel better.


Marc was out of town last night for some meetings – it was quiet this morning. I made a hot cup of coffee with some peppermint hot chocolate. Tasted so good!


I think my wrapping job from last night turned out pretty good! 😉



Like our tree skirt?! lol – I bought Hanukah fabric last year and just wrapped it around the base! Marc loves it =)

Camera fun with J!




And of course with Lilly, too!


The breakfast time – granola, dried cranberries and almond milk.


When J took a nap I decided it would be a good time to make my Kobacha squash – my first time preparing it!

It was VERY hard to cut into! Dense with tough skin!



I used an ice cream scoop to get the “guts’ out – worked like a charm!


I cubed the squash, put it all in a cake pan, drizzled a bit of evoo and some sea salt. Covered it with foil, baked in oven on 375 F for 25-30 minutes and viola!


Tasty! It was more mild than butter nut and very delicious!

I rinsed off the seeds and roasted them after the squash came out. Just a dab of EVOO and some sea salt.




I didn’t care for them, though. They were a lot thicker than pumpkin seeds. I couldn’t really eat them whole because they were so fibrous yet it was painstakingly slow to crack them. So, I tossed them =(

Overall I am very pleased with my whole Kobacha experience! =) I just LOVE squash!

Lunch was late – around 2:30. An easy mexican style salad. Black beans cooked with taco seasoning, over romain lettuce, topped with shredded cheddar and black olives. Along with some salsa, tortilla chips and a carrot.



And a piece of sea salt dark chocolate for dessert 😉


  Marc will be back tonight – I have no idea what we are doing for dinner. All I know is that I am drinking tea all night to help my throat!     

Health News

8 worst Holiday foods to eat:,,20322475,00.html

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8 thoughts on “STOP! It’s Kobacha time!”

  1. I haven't tried that kind of squash yet, but when I do other squash seeds I let them dry out overnight before roasting them the next day. It helps cut down on the chewy-tough factor, though I'm not sure if kabocha seeds would benefit from this method since I've never tried them.

  2. I haven't tried kabocha yet because I haven't seen it at any of the stores I frequent but I really need to track some down. I adore squash – it's my favorite vegetable. Hope you get feeling better!

  3. Oh i hate sore throats….makes me grumpylove your kabocha trial…isn't it good?I found the seeds tough too but ate them anyway.lil J pics are ADORABLE…He has the BIGGEST BLUE EYES!

  4. What a bunch of great pictures! (I especially like the ones of J and Lilly ; )I hope that tea makes your throat feel better … I think I need to do the same, as my throat is starting to feel similar!

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