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I am such a slacker at times. I have waited till the late night to finally get around to writing my post. Trust me, I have been on the net for a good hour or so but I have been caught up checking other blogs, reading articles and so on…

Today started out with an egg + egg white, sprouted bread/toast and some clementine’s.



It is COLD here in Seattle – bitter and dry. I have been getting shocked all day and my hands are so rough from being dry! If only it would snow… =)

Lunch was just some left over soup – nothing fancy and I totally forgot to take a picture of it, too!

J and I decided to bite the bullet and head to run some Christmas present shopping. I had been craving ginger bread ever since we stepped into Alderbrook as they had a HUGE gingerbread house and the entire lobby smelt like ginger and spice – YUM!

I went to the drve through at Starbucks and they didn’t carry gingerbread cookies; only bread. I wasn’t feeling it so I opted for an Americano, no room. I love my coffee black and strong!

We went to Target found some cookies there! THANK GOODNESS!


PS – I love wearing my fingerless gloves. Marc makes fun of me – he doesn’t get the point. Let me say that they totally keep my hands warm yet I still have the power of touch. PLUS I made them myself! Well… I just took a pair of cheap knitted gloves and cut the tips off. 😉

I ended up buying some cute things for J and Marc! Some alphabet and number flash cards and a Baby Einstein music cd for his stocking, two pairs of jeans, a long sleeve shirt and some Spider Man jammies! His jammies are SO COOL! EVERY boy needs to have a pair of super hero jammies!

So I waited for J to go to bed then I started wrapping.



Awww… we’re a mom and dad! Seeing this STILL gets me all warm and fuzzy! I can remember how much I loved the Holiday’s and I am so glad to start bringing the same cheer to my very own son.

My tummy started to grumble and I realised that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet! I made a very yummy wrap – quick and easy!


I started out with a Flat Out wrap and some brie, melted.


I added some tomato slices, raw sunflower seeds, olives, artichoke hearts and spinach. Rolled it up and devoured it!










I absolutely hate taking pictures at night. I always end up having horrible light, shadows and I get very frustrated.

Do you know of any tips that would help me out?


6 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. I still have problems with night photos, I try and remember to adjust the white balance on my camera, but usually I forget, that helps substantially though…

  2. OMG it is SOOOO cold. My lips are hella chapped. It's gross. By the by, adore your cut off gloves. I've been wanting a pair b/c I can't use my blackberry touch screen with my full gloves so I end up just sticking my thumb out the bottom of the glove to use it and it looks ridic. I have trouble with photos at night/in my kitchen too. The lighting in my kitchen is super harsh. We have 9 bulbs and it is insanely bright. On the flip side, my living room has no light except for a couple of floor lamps we brought in so it is insanely dark. WTF? PS- You should have gotten a gingerbread latte at 'Bucks. Just sayin'. 😉

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