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It’s snowing!


Well, slightly. BUT I still document this as being the first snow fall of the year!


From my tracking last year, it looks as though we received our first snowfall on December 18th… but I want to say that this was out first BIG snowfall. Seattle doesn’t receive too much snow but when we do the city is a mess!

J is pretty excited about the snow! Eeeee!!!


… or it could be that he wanted the camera… either way, he is still adorable!

I warmed up with a mug of joe.


Then decided we better have some breakfast.


Scones + green eggs


I scrambled 1 egg + 2 egg whites with some avocado pieces, white onion, mozz cheese and a healthy handful of baby spinach. I made this yesterday for J’s breakfast and it looked (and tasted) sooo good! I just had to have some for myself! The spinach tinted the eggs green and it made me automatically think of Dr. Seuss.

This is the best scone mix I have ever had! My friend Sophie introduced me to it a few years back and I have loved it ever since! ESPECIALLY when pared with cranberry jam. The best little breakfast snack!







Sticky fingers makes several other flavors – blueberry, apple cinnamon, lemon, chocolate… but we prefer plain. And the cranberry jam is just so yummy! Tart with the perfect amount of sweetness. We always keep a spare bag and jar in the pantry for breakfast when we have guests.

Well it’s Sunday – football day! I think I am heading to the gym for some light work. I still have a cough so I don’t want push myself too hard.

Enjoy your day and STAY WARM!


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What a nice surprise!

My blog has been nominated for the “Love this site Award” at DevineCaroline!

This is such an honor to me, and very unexpected! I want to thank my readers who have voiced their opinion about my blog – I am truly touched by all of my readers and fans! I love each and every one of you! While I blog for “me” it is a very nice feeling to have a fan and reader base – makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

If you would like to vote you can do so by clicking here or at the button on my side bar. <—————  And if you vote, please let me know so I may vote for you as well! This is the season for sharing! =)

Voting ends in a few days.


Yesterday I made the trip to go to the chiropractor as I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. It is about a 40 minute drive from our home so it’s not like an easy task to get there. J and I showed up and the door was locked! It was 12:45 and they close at 1 for lunch. I called my H and asked him WTF – he goes there more often than I do so I thought he may have known. I was about to cry! I haven’t been able to run because I don’t want any more damage until I can get it checked out… =(  I guess the doctor had a meeting at noon. No note on the door, NOTHING! Let me just say I was not in a good mood after that!

So I made the best of the situation and J and I went to the library. I picked up 5 or six vegetarian, vegan and raw food cook books. It wasn’t a total waste but I was still upset. So I am going BACK this afternoon at about 3 – what a waste!

I was starving when I returned back home so I made a cup of tomato soup, rosemary crackers, cambazola cheese and edamame.


Then Marc and I went shopping for groceries – we were out of all produce! I was starting to freak out a bit! lol


It wasn’t my normal place that I like to shop at. I like to shop FredMeyer, Trader Joes, Central Market and sometime Whole Foods; we ended up at Albertson’s. Their organic produce was limited and pretty much crappy, no greek yogurt (although they had organic), and I felt out of place. Oh well, I did what I had to do!

I recently participated in an ornament exchange and mine showed up yesterday! They are so cute!



They are His and Her snowmen!

J helped me put them on the tree, too! =)

    DSC03130 DSC03131

Thank you so much, Denise!

Before dinner I was in a snacking mood so I busted out the Sabra hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers! PERFECT!


After J went down for the night, I decided on some Amy’s black bean chili – always great when I am indecisive!


Marc and I snuggled on the couch the entire night, watching the football game and celebrating our Fantasy Football WIN this week! With only 5 more games left, these next week are crucial for us and our standings!

I was missing my yogurt so I had this lovely bowl of goodness for breakfast! Strawberry yogurt, granola, apple and PB!


Well I am off to feed J some lunch, take a shower and get my back cracked. (hopefully!!!) Enjoy your Tuesday!


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Almost Monday…

Good evening, all! How was your Sunday? Relaxing I hope!

I started the day off feeling yucky – bloated and just not myself. My stomach was hard and I was not enjoying it at all. Yuck.

Do you ever do that? I think it was something I had eaten yesterday to cause so much pain and discomfort in my tummy region. So I vowed to eat well today in hopes that my system would start feeling normal again.

So I made myself a Green Monster!


  • almond milk
  • LOTS of spinach
  • frozen assortment of fruit
  • almond butter
  • half of a banana

On Sunday’s I tend to cook in the morning. For example: steam vegetables for J and bake anything that I have been needing to. Today I made J some sweet potatoes and I decided I would finally make Kale chips!


I had bought a bag of kale last night at the store JUST to make chips! I added some salt and parm but I think I will skip the parm next time. They ended up being pretty salty and I keep burping up the parm taste – yuck. BUT they are STILL delicious!


For lunch I made myself a MONDO veggie sammy! It was loaded!



Hummus, clover sprouts, cucumber, tomato, avocado and basil leaves on sprouted bread. AND a side of carrots and more hummus. I really needed this today! Veggies, veggies and more veggies… keep them coming!

At about 3 I decided to hit the gym. I truly believe in muscle memory as I was able to run a little over 3 miles at a 10 minute mile pace. Since I came down with a cold (over 3 weeks ago) I have not been running one bit. But I felt the need and LOVED it. My legs felt strong and I just went with it. I felt MUCH better afterwards, too!

I have been wanting to try the new festive Clif bar flavors and tried this one:


Meh – it was VERY orange flavored… and I was expecting cranberry. I only ate half.

Dinner was a salad – finally! It was been too long since I had a salad! 😦

I mixed together some organic spring mix, peanut chicken kabob that we picked up at the market deli last night, baby corn, tomato, cilantro, chopped peanuts and a few dots of sesame oil.



Asian delight!

I did get hungry a few hours later and ate a bowl of Optimum Slim, dried cranberries with almond milk.


Well kids, we did not win this weeks fantasy football – boo. It was a tough week and we had some unexpected injuries, AKA Kurt Warner, which put us behind.

I am off to bed – Happy Monday, all!



The 12th Man

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s Sunday ROCKED!

Mine started out with this:


Scrambled egg whites, a pancake, low acid OJ and Morningstar breakfast links. I admit – I love sausage! Yet, now that I am trying to go veggie I wanted to try these Morningstar breakfast links. I love the texture! None of that yucky, chewy gristle! The flavor could have used more seasoning but overall I really enjoyed them!

Then… it was game time!








The Seattle Seahawks started the 12th Man – meaning we, as fans, are the 12th man on the field. And let me tell you… there is a reason why our stadium is known for the LOUDEST stadiums in the NFL!


This was the only food picture I took the entire game… 😉


I ended up having two of these but at 7.50$ a pop… I made sure I savored every. single. drop.

I also had a few bites of a Caesar salad and Marc got me a cup of fries – yum! The weather was stable and not too chilly. Of course I am always cold so I made sure I dressed in layers.

The game started out rough – an interception and a fumble. Yikes. But we came around and won! GO HAWKS!

We left with 6 minutes left on the clock to beat the crowds. We met my mom to pick up Jordan at her boyfriends parents house, who graciously invited us in for a nice hot home cooked meal. Meat loaf, broccoli, coleslaw and flakey croissant biscuits. Yes, I did eat some meat loaf – I just didn’t want to be rude or have to explain myself. It was good tough 🙂

Even though Marc and I get a little stressed from little J… we miss him when he is gone! Just a night though helps us unwind a bit and let’s us be “us”.

We had a great time last night, too! We went bowling! Of course, I forgot my camera… but rest assured we had a great time! This was our first time bowling together. Out of the 5 years we have been together… I can’t believe it. Neither of us wanted to cook so we opted for Chinese.

I requested Kung Pow Tofu – OMG! It was light yet PACKED with flavor. POW! I also had some white rice to go along with it. Marc got sweet and sour shrimp and pork fried rice. And we shared a big side of hot and sour, which we were not pleased with. 😦 Sad since we LOVE hot and sour soup.



And my fortune:


Well all, I am pooped. Ready for Monday?

OH! Before I forget… CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LADIES THAT WON ARWARDS AT THE FOODBUZZ CONFERENCE! I am sincerely proud of you all and you deserve it! Hopefully I will be able to get a chance to meet you one day! =)




Happy “Football” Sunday! Marc and I are off to the Seahawks game today! He surprised me this morning with tickets 🙂 – this is my first time to a football game! We are running late so I will post pictures when I get a chance tonight.

It’s CHILLY here in Seattle but nothing a few beers wont handle 😉



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And the cold sets in

You should see me – I am wrapped in my favorite fleece blanket. It is cold, bone chilling cold. Dramatic? Maybe, but I am not used to this fall weather yet. It was a beautiful sunny day but the high was only 61 and right now it’s 50. Brrrr! However, I am extremely cold all of the time!
PS – Jenna, I am so sorry that your heater isn’t working right now! 😦

Well, onto today.
This morning I woke up, brewed some java and starting getting down to business. Writing.

As I have been mentioning I am going to be writing nutritional articles to an online personal fit website. I needed to submit my first one, along with a bio, this weekend and another one in the next few days. I wrote my first article on Clean Eating – what else?! I promise to post links as soon as can!

All that writing made me hungry so I made a nice bowl of yogurt, granola, apple slices and almond butter – it hit the spot!

Weird fact about me #598: I can’t eat lunch BEFORE I take a shower. It has to be AFTER. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the joy of knowing I get to go into the kitchen and make myself something yummy after a nice hot shower. Or maybe I feel the need to be clean so late in the day. Strange, huh.
What is a crazy fact about you and food?

Today I nibbled on some terriyaki bits that I made a few days back while I was contemplating what I REALLY was going to eat.

I finally settled on a chicken breast sandwich.

  • sprouted bread
  • lots of hummus
  • baby spinach leaves
  • avocado, added after the fact
  • tomato slices
  • s & p
  • chicken breast chunks that Marc bbqued last night

Paired with a nice cup of Pacific french onion soup.


And since it was Sunday and game day I had to have a beer. I ended up only drinking half but it really hit the spot!

I am sad to say that this will be the last produce I get from my little container garden this year. =(

Since the frost is coming, my plants will soon be black and dead. I was able to salvage the last of my un-ripened tomatoes and my cute little green peppers. I seriously don’t know what happened to my peppers this year – they are not supposed to be this small and this is the first time I picked from the plant. Hopefully they will taste good! I know the tomatoes ROCK but they will have to ripen in the window for a while. I have never had green tomatoes, as in fried green tomatoes, because they just don’t sound that appealing to me. Oh well…

After the bulk of the games were over with we went to the grocery store to pick up some fruit and a few other items. Jordan has outgrown all of his hats so we went to the baby section and found an adorable fleece hat! (Fred Meyer rocks because it’s a grocery store AND a department store!) We also found the cutest outfit for dress up dinners or nice events. It’s a little big but should fit him this winter. I think I am going to wrap it up and have him open it at his party.

If you are a parent, what did you buy your little one for their first birthday?

Marc and I ate rather late tonight, around 7:30. We had separate dinners tonight so I went a little creative. I am bored of my salads and I saw a post tonight on veggie burgers and it looked so appetizing! Veggie burger it was!

  • flat bread bread/bun
  • pesto
  • feta
  • veggie burger
  • tomato
  • spinach leaves
  • s & p
  • avocado

OMG – I could have eaten two (or more) of these! I scarfed it down so quickly, you would have thought I hadn’t eaten in days! This is definitely a combo I am eating again, very soon!

And a nice bowl of big, juicy green grapes.

Today was a perfect Sunday – surrounded by the ones I love the most. I hope everyone had a great weekend, as well. Enjoy your Monday!

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Another reason to love Sunday’s

We are just your average, beer sipping, football freaks on Sunday. Today is a very special Sunday because it’s the start of football season. Marc and I play fantasy football which is a lot of fun and action packed. Instead of rooting for one team you can get into all of the games and root for the players that you picked. Marc REALLY get’s involved – I am the peace maker and tell him that everything will be alright. 🙂

We did make a, what we thought was going to be small, run to Costco. I piked up a lot of goodies! A huge bag of lettuce, quinoa, avocados, watermelon and much more! I just love Costco!

A pretty uneventful day which is nice! I may end up going to the gym tonight but I am not holding my breath… 😉

Monday, here I come!