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Happy “soggy” Thursday, everyone! How was your night?

It must be the rain because I am feeling a bit soggy myself. Fortunately I feel well enough that I am going to be going back to the gym, starting tonight. Marc canceled his boys night since some of them were sick and is having a conference call at home tonight. After not going to the gym for more than a week I really need a good sweat!

Woke up, made some coffee and made a big ol bowl of goodness:


  • Honey Oikos yogurt
  • Organic applecrisp
  • granola
  • almond butter
  • dried cranberries

A+! I love the honey flavor of Oikos – not too sweet but not too sour; perfect!

Look how cute J looks! He really does look more and more like a Little BIG kid! lol


I tried yet again for a video of him walking – no such luck. But it sure is cute! 😉

After Marc left around 10:45, I went upstairs to shower and get ready, thinking I might run over to Costco to pick up some essentials. I didn’t think it was raining outside all THAT bad… think again! It’s pouring and I really don’t feel like dragging not only Jordan but myself out in it. Yuck!

So I went into the kitchen to make some lunch – another bowl of goodness!


  • Lettuce
  • tomatoe
  • onion
  • black beans
  • cheddar
  • salsa
  • chips

I love taco leftovers!


Now that J has been with us for over a year, I am finding myself having to upgrade his baby items in his room. For instance, his First Year Calendar. This is a calendar that helps you document their achievements and special outings through their first year. I really slacked on the last two months and had to quickly update and remember. I finished but now I am in search of another calendar to take it’s place – I still want to document his years to come and the achievements he will make.


I don’t know what I am going to do today, now. I have some jazz playing in the background (I love jazz!) and I am being peaceful. J is down for a nap, too. I do need to vacuum… but what fun is that?!


AWESOME Give-away’s to mention:

Barney Butter!!!! Ends tomorrow!

Chobani Yogurt!!! Ends November 11th!

3 50$ Safeway Gift Cards!!! Ends November 9th!

Amazing Grass give away!!! ENDS TONIGHT!!!

Do you have a giveaway, or know of a blogger that is? Link it to me and I will put it up on my blog! 🙂


Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Soggy

  1. OH J is so close!I SO LOVED that moment!and than again WALKING changes everything!I've been missing visiting you…for some reason my comp crashes a lot trying to visit you..and 3 others so far!have no idea why!still trying though!xo

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