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I came to a conclusion today – I am sick of meat. It’s not QUITE that simple, but I am tired of hearing about how unhealthy today’s meat products are; not only for my body but for the environment. I am not going to pin point any particular person or article for my decision, as this is something that I have always felt strong about. I was a veg-head back in High School but the resources to be a “healthy” veg were not readily available. I ate A LOT of pasta and bread… A LOT. And because of this I became over weight. Plus – living in a smaller town with not many options for veg living made it difficult to eat well. Over time I missed meat because the alternatives were not the same.

Today, I have more knowledge and more resources at my finger tips. AND healthy and great tasting foods. If you look closely at my meals I rarely incorporate meat. I cannot stand handling raw meat and I wont even look at the meat coolers at the grocery store – this is Marc’s job.

I do love a good rare steak, I love lamb chops, shredded chicken breast is delish in salads but I don’t need to eat it. And seeing what it is doing to my inside’s is not worth the 20 minutes of noshing. Plus, all of the banning of meat due to contamination and E-Coli, farmers force feeding their live stock to grow 5 times faster and larger, being concerned and worried about our health… I’m done.

I am not promising that I am going to be 100% vegetarian… but I will be making a conscious effort to avoid it whenever I can. AND I am not falling for those choice words like Free Range or Cage Free as these are not what they appear to be. I am saving this for another time…


J and I didn’t go for a walk like I had hoped – Marc came home and we went to the mall to buy a new DVD, instead. 🙂 Good ol’ family time!

I was starving before we left so I scarfed down some left over rice and tofu curry… with one shrimp, which I ended up not eating.


We ended up picking up the new Ice Age – can’t wait to watch it! We love cartoons and Pixar movies!

For dinner we relived a staple in our household – tacos! I make my tacos with ground turkey but tonight I heated up some black beans with a tad taco seasoning and viola! A great meat sub!


  • A Flatout wrap
  • Romain
  • cheese
  • tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • onion
  • salsa and hot sauce

I also had a side of steamed sweet potato – a perfect combo!


While I was at the store picking up tonight’s ingredients I found some “hot dogs” that I wanted to buy for J.


I want to say I have had these before – they tasted very familiar. I nuked one for 30 seconds, chopped it, took a sample, gave a sample to Marc and fed the rest to J. They were very good! GREAT texture and very flavorful – a little more smoke than I would have liked but over all they are a wonderful sub to hot dogs. For the record – I HATE hot dogs! We had to dissect them in high school and there were some NASTY ASS, unknown findings found in them! BUT what did J think of these “hot dogs”?



Just look at that smile! 🙂

Well I am off to drain the rest of my lap top battery by checking up on my other bloggers – good night!


4 thoughts on “Veg-Head”

  1. Your son is adorable. GOOD for you on your decision to at least eat less meat! If you do it right, being a veggie has so many rewards. And, its better for you and the planet. If you ever need recipe advice, let me know, I'd be happy to help out. I've been doing this dance for years. 🙂

  2. I feel you. I went Vegetarian for a month and my body felt better but I craved that meat in the end. So, I decided to go Semi-VEG. Although I've only eaten meat once. I think I won't lable myself and just go with the flow.

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