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October brings awareness and changes

Happy 1st of October! October is VERY busy for my household! Our anniversary, Baby J’s birthday, my birthday AND Halloween! It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month as well as Vegan Month of Food! I will get to these in more detail in a bit.

I started today off with a nice thick Green Monster.

  • Almond milk
  • almond butter
  • a huge handful of spinach
  • 6 frozen strawberries
  • a half of an orange
  • a scoop of chocolate super food

I made Baby J a nice bowl of blueberry oatmeal for breakfast.

He liked it at first but as soon as he bit down, a HUGE blueberry would squirt and he got the funniest reaction on his face! I took this video to share just how cute he really can be!

That is your Baby J moment of the day! πŸ˜‰

Like some of you, I love a good challenge. It helps me accomplish goals, gain control of my mind and body and I feel great afterwords!
I would like to present a new topic for The Clean Eating Mama: Raw Food Wednesdays!

This has been a popular goal on a lot of food blogs but I initially found this idea on Gena’s blog, Choosing Raw. She has challenged us once again to be more aware of the raw lifestyle and would like readers to join her own raw food eating and eat at least one raw meal a week.
I have read so much on this topic, have tested and tried recipes and I am going to be taking the entire day to eat raw. I can’t wait and at only 4 days per month this should be a simple task to complete!
Want to join? Please do! Leave a comment and I will be sure to lend support on your blog and check out your raw food creations every Wednesday – it should be a blast! Thanks Gena!

Alright, back to the busy month of October. Yes, you read it right: 3 VERY important dates in our household.
October 3rd: our FIRST wedding anniversary! But can I admit that it feels like we have been married forever?! Even he says this. We started living together only 2 months after we started dating, moved to a new city after 6 months and have been through high low times. I love you, babe!
We have a very special trip planned! BUT you will have to wait until next week to hear all about it! πŸ˜‰
October 13th: My birthday! 26 – wow!
But most importantly, October 15th: Baby J’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! I literally look at him and cannot belive he is going to be one. I still am in denial that I even HAVE a son! He is my world and brightens my day, everyday. I love you, my little son.
October 31st: Halloween – my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I love the smell, the feel, the spookiness, the enjoyment, EVERYTHING. Autumn happens to be my favorite season, as well. I had the best costumes when I was younger, too. I remember always winning at the local neighborhood contest! I remember one year I wanted to be a dice so I had to wear this HUGE cardboard box that was painted white and had dots on it. It was great and turned a lot of heads! Now that I have my own child, I am so eager to start new traditions with him!
What is your most memorable Halloween moment?

Most importantly, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Fortunately I have never known anyone close to me that has suffered from breast cancer. But I do realize how cancer in general can effect families and bring someones world crashing down.
Again, awareness is the only thing that can help prevent breast cancer. Routine check ups are the best thing you can do. Even if your family background shows NO sign of breast cancer, you STILL need to have check ups. Don’t feel comfortable? Do it yourself! Notice anything “strange”? Then set up an appointment. Here are more simple and easy ways to prevent cancer. Notice anything about this list? This is the way we should all be living, anyway. The concept of living a clean, healthy life serves hundreds upon thousands of benefits! Knowledge people, knowledge!
So what can you do? Donate, sponsor and raise awareness. Find local donation centers in your area, research a local breast cancer run or walk and help sponsor a team, donate your time to cancer hospitals… any little bit helps and makes a major impact.

Well, I am off to FINALLY start my day! See you soon!

3 thoughts on “October brings awareness and changes

  1. I think I will join you!Sounds like a perfect and do able goal…LOVE your green smoothie…it's very..NOT green! hahahaOKAY…baby JWHAT A LITTLE BUBBA! SO SWEET..and I do think the berry was sour by his reaction…My J…JJ actually, can eat a pint of blue berries in minutes …too bad they aren't cheaper!your video is waaaaay sweet.I miss being able to load little videos from blogger…I switched over last may. I'll get it figured out soon. and Congrats!! anniversaries, birthdays…it really is a big month for you and your family, and I know how you feel about J turning one. My J is 18 mos and I am still amazed how fast it is all going!okay, last thing: my halloween moment is when my Mom had me dress up as the scare crow on our front porch to scare kids…one: the hay was giving me hay fever…and a kid didn't think I was "fake" and to prove it he PUNCHED me in the stomach. so that was my most memorable Halloween.happy October to you!

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