Dear Mr. gym guy who was running next me,

Didn’t you get the memo? No? Ok well here it is: don’t wear cologne to the gym! Ever! I can understand that you might be single; looking for a hot little chick standing around, lifting a 5 pound weight and checking herself out in the mirrors. I can sympathize if your deodorant can’t withstand your sweaty-ness. But please, DO NOT douse yourself with over powering cologne BEFORE coming to the gym. Yes, I was able to taste it, literally, and no I did not want a piece of it. Save it for the clubs, save it for your blind date, but please. PLEASE, do not wear it to the gym! kthanksbye – Tasha

Besides cologne dude, I had an amazing run at the gym! I am finally up to my 10 minute miles again! I love my shoes and now it’s a matter of getting my speed up and endurance. YAY!

And look at my little helper! He loves when I load and unload the dishwasher. He can be clear across the room and he B-lines it straight for it – it is the funniest thing. =)

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. gym guy who was running next me,”

  1. I don't go to the gym…but that would KILL MEthe ladies at my office HOSE themselves with the stuf and it killsI don't need vision to know who was just in the mail room!hahaand your little dishwasher helper???what a PUNKIN! mine just wants to grab the knives. figures!he's nutz10 minute mile is AWESOME…mine is improving. last night I pushed myself…felt good!Happy Thursday!

  2. Ugh, that would be the worst! I hate it when you can taste cologne and I can't imagine having to run next to someone like that. I'm glad you survived! ; )That is such a cute dishwasher picture … that face is priceless!

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