Super grains

We are packing Baby J up and taking him over to Nana’s house (my mom) for the weekend while we get away for our anniversary. 🙂

We are going to dinner and a show tonight then leaving early in the morning to catch a boat to head up to Victoria, BC! That’s all you get though, for now. 😉

Breakfast sucked this morning… really it did.

I just am not liking the chocolate amazing grass. I am so used to the plain Amazing Meal – the chocolate is way to sweet/fake tasting. 😦 It’s a brand new container of it, too. Do I dare buy some more?

A few frozen strawberries, peaches, spinach, blueberries, almond milk and amazing grass. It was watered down and yucky.
So I thought I would put it back in the blender, add some almond butter and a few more peaches… still no good but it is a tad better.

I decided to try a Larabar that I bought the other day, too.

Cashew cookie – cashews and dates. That’s it. Good but very sweet and nutty. I was only able to eat half and it got very old, almost gagging to me. 😦

I usually LOVE breakfast but not today – hopefully the rest of the day will be better. I think I need to stick with savory treats for the remainder of the day. My taste buds seem to be off… oh well.

Quinoa. This grain is amazing. It has a very subtle nutty flavor and nice texture. I have been out of it the past week or so, so I cooked some up before taking a shower. I love feeding it to Baby J with is puree of food, too. It is a wonderful starter food for babies as they can digest it and there are no known allergies towards it.
Why is this grain so important to eat?
Protein – very important for vegetarians and vegans, and for those of us who don’t eat enough meat in our diet. Unlike wheat and rice, it has balanced amino acids which makes it a complete protein source. It’s also gluten free so individuals that have a gluten intolerance can eat this up, no problem. Being around for more than 6000 years, this is a food source that gets little advertising or recognition but should be a staple grain in every household. Easily digestible, cooks in no time and turns out perfect every time. It does look like bird food but trust me – you will like it!
Be sure you rinse it before you cook it or it will taste a little bitter. Unless you find a brand that states it is already pre-rinsed.
So how do you eat it? Just like you would with any other grain or rice. As a side dish or as the main meal. It is delicious in salads and even as a breakfast cereal. Here are some recipes that I found to be quite informational. Unfortunately I have no photos uploaded of my previous quinoa creations but I will try to publish some this coming week!

I dont know if I will be able to get on this weekend – we are trying to stay away from all electronics for once. We shall see…. 😉 Have a great weekend!

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