Great things come in small packages

I’m talking about Brussels sprouts.

I LOVE Brussels sprouts! But sadly, they get a very bad wrap on being one of the most hated vegetables. Sad.
I admit that I didn’t eat them when I was a kid. And not until I was in my twenties is when I started to steam them and gobble them up. Today, it is one of our (my husband and I) most loved veggies! Small, cute, compact and full of great flavor! I enjoy them steamed and plain- nothing else. They also pack a full punch of vitamin K and C, as well as other important nutrients that we need on a daily basis. Check them out!

In honor of my sprout love, I featured them in today’s lunch.

I also made a chicken, spinach wrap.

  • Flatout wrap
  • hummus
  • feta
  • spinach leaves
  • red bell pepper
  • chicken breast chunks
  • s & p

Healthy eating!

6 thoughts on “Great things come in small packages

  1. Roasting is totally my favorite way to eat them. I LOVE brussels as well.Cut in half, tossed with Olive oil and lots of salt and pepper and roasted at 425 until brown. So delicious!

  2. OH how I do love those…esp FRESH ones…so tender…so delishbut my HUBS gets PEEVED at me…."Smells like an old folks home in here"Thanks babe!sighso I quit making themI am contemplating trying to ROAST them…maybe it won't smell like, what …WHAT EXACTLY DOES an OLD FOLKS HOME smell like?must be cabbage?I was about to start letting JJ have at em. should try them again!:)

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