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Healthy Eating at Target!

Hi friends!

I wanted to create a healthy eating project showcasing average stores that have started carrying clean, organic foods! Often times people think that it’s more difficult to eat healthy without a Whole Foods or health food store in their area. I am here to prove that WRONG! ANYONE can eat healthy while shopping at most local stores!

Jordan and I were at Target the other day picking up a few items and I thought it would be fun and educational to cruise down the food aisles to see the selection of food they offer. I was really surprised to see so many healthy and organic options! You still have to read those labels, though – remember that not all Organic or seemingly healthy options are that healthy for you!

I was not necessarily looking for all non-GMO or organic food. I was looking for healthy options that were as wholesome, and as clean as possible! I was also looking for vegetarian and vegan options. Again, please read labels! Even organic foods contain excessive sugars and often times hidden MSG!

Here is what I was able to find:

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