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Healthy Eating at Target!

Hi friends!

I wanted to create a healthy eating project showcasing average stores that have started carrying clean, organic foods! Often times people think that it’s more difficult to eat healthy without a Whole Foods or health food store in their area. I am here to prove that WRONG! ANYONE can eat healthy while shopping at most local stores!

Jordan and I were at Target the other day picking up a few items and I thought it would be fun and educational to cruise down the food aisles to see the selection of food they offer. I was really surprised to see so many healthy and organic options! You still have to read those labels, though – remember that not all Organic or seemingly healthy options are that healthy for you!

I was not necessarily looking for all non-GMO or organic food. I was looking for healthy options that were as wholesome, and as clean as possible! I was also looking for vegetarian and vegan options. Again, please read labels! Even organic foods contain excessive sugars and often times hidden MSG!

Here is what I was able to find:

There was a pretty basic yet plentiful selection of fresh produce – bananas, avocados, apples, oranges, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, berries, grapes, pineapples, and greens!



I was able to find organic baby spinach and baby spring mix!


Dairy and non-dairy:

They do carry non-dairy milk such as Almond Milk and Soy Milk. I didn’t see if they had Organic Cows Milk. And they also carry a nice selection of plain yogurt and Greek yogurt. I always suggest buying plain Greek yogurt and adding maple syrup, raw honey or stevia to sweeten it to your taste. Add raw fruit, too!


I also found organic eggs! I was really surprised by this find!



They do sell raw meat but since I do not purchase meat on a regular basis I looked right over this area! I would look to see if they carry organic meat.

I was able to find organic and nitrate free sausage and bacon. These are usually not clean due to the preservatives but I do know Applegate is one of the cleaner brands.




They have a huge selection of Amy’s frozen dinners – these are normally all vegan and pretty clean! I usually never purchase frozen meals but these would be a great option for those that are looking for a healthy frozen food option. Again, read the ingredients!



And they also had a huge selection of vegan and vegetarian meat options for those that do not eat meat. My son loves the vegan chikn nuggets!


I love frozen veggies for soups, salads and roasting! I always check the ingredients to see if there is anything added – if there are more ingredients than the vegetable, put it back!


Frozen Breakfast:

Van’s waffles are really quite good! I briefly looked at the breakfast bowls and I am planning on doing some more research on these items. Marketing can be very appealing until you start to look at the actual ingredients!


Gluten Free Breads:

I was happy to see gluten free options, too! They sell Udi’s products along with other gluten free options in the bread aisle.



Snacks/Nut Butters/Kitchen Staples:

I was pleased to see almond butter, organic peanut butter and raw honey in the aisle!




Grains and seeds:

I was so happy to see quinoa, lentils, chia seeds and brown / wild rice!




They did have healthier snack options for kids and adults alike. Do you keep seeing the GREEN Choose Well labels? Target has sections that are marked in these green labels. Not all are healthy, but most are a BETTER option.

Unsalted Nuts


Annie’s Organic Snacks




Coconut Water / Organic Juice









  Pantry Staples:

Plain Oats


Unsweetened Applesauce        


Organic Chili and Soups


   Organic Ketchup


So what do you think?! Still think it’s hard to eat healthy without a Whole Foods or a health food store? Times are changing and the demand for organic and healthier options are in full force! You can expect to see many more options at your local market or grocery store! And remember: if you don’t see something, ask for it!

Healthy Eating!

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