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Today is the day you turn your life around!



Yesterday I shared my personal story about how I hit ROCK BOTTOM with my health. My inbox had dozens of messages from readers, fans and followers asking for one thing: HELP!

If you have ever hot rock bottom – with you health, your relationship, your finances – you know what it feels like to be on the ground as low as you can be.

I was there, suffering from horrible self esteem and poor self worth. I was miserable, depressed and unhealthy; shoving everything that said FAT FREE into my body. I then took a turn for the worse and turned to bulimia.

I binged, then purged. Especially at night – I was a closet eater. I wouldn’t eat anything around people but would stuff my face when no one was looking. I had ZERO self control. ZERO self worth.

I had hit rock bottom.

The only way was back up at that point. So I grabbed myself, had a melt down and started a journey that would lead me to where I am today. Coaching OTHERS to live a BEAUTIFUL life!

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my struggles in my past! I told myself that I would never allow another person to go through the pain that I went through! I made a personal promise to myself. And now I am helping individuals on a daily basis to eat better, exercise more, and live a beautiful life! I am so blessed!

There are so many individuals that are going through what I did – hitting rock bottom! But there is hope! There is help!


The day your life turns around is when…..

  • You’re so Disgusted and fed up with your situation.  This disgust will NOT cause you to beat yourself for not being “good enough”, but rather make you EXCITED to know you can raise above your obstacles, insecurities and self doubt!


  • Decision! You can be that person that wakes up so strong that you stand up for yourself and say “I have had enough! It’s time to move forward!” and BOOM, your intent is clear and you start setting goals and taking action!


  • Desire!!! It BURNS inside you! From your toes to your fingertips, you are EXCITED TO START LIVING AGAIN! You should focus on your WHY more than your HOW. Don’t let anyone stand in your way!


  •  Resolve! You are ready to start healing and stop thinking about the past. The wounds will heal with time but should not be dismissed – they are there to remind you that you are STRONG and READY! Accept the situation and have to tools to move forward… and never look back! 

Always remember: You deserve a BEAUTIFUL life!

If you are READY, I want to hear from you! It’s time for your to start seeing your self worth!

XxOo Tasha

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