90 day challenge

Meals – Day 10 Thursday!

Hey guys!

I am still going strong on my 90 Day Challenge! It has been an AMAZING experience! I haven’t been weighing myself as I do not have a scale at my home but my clothes are fitting and feeling much better!

I am still drinking a TON of water during the day – 2-3 liters, limiting my salt, eating NO processed foods and upping my protein and vegetable intake. My energy has been THROUGH THE ROOF, too!

My meals have been boring but satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of my meals, but aesthetically they are boring. How many ways can you photograph oatmeal?! 😉

I made this shake yesterday, and again today. This has to be my FAVORITE shake to date!


I blended almond milk / water, frozen bananas, frozen mango, frozen orange juice concentrate and protein powder. It was thick and creamy! I was sad when I sipped the last little bit!

I also created this yummy owl of goodness!


I cooked red quinoa and mixed in some chickpeas and topped it with avocado, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Really tasty!

Tonight was meal prep night!


I cooked off chicken breast, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and chopped cabbage for my salads. Remember: the key is PREPERATION! If you are not prepared, it is very difficult to succeed! This way you can grab and go!

There has been some major things happening to me lately. Not only am I more POSITIVE and HAPPY, I feel so HEALTHY right now! Like I mentioned above, my energy levels have increased, my bloat has disappeared and my cravings have completely stopped!

I get asked what this 90 Day Challenge entails. People think it’s only for weight loss or getting fit.

It is much more than that!

I have always been a happy person. But when you create a goal and work HARD towards it, your entire body goes into over drive and you start to SHINE! It’s REALLY AMAZING when you start to see subtle results! That’s the best!

Are you ready for YOUR own 90 day challenge? Hit the contact button above and reach out! What do you have to lose?!

Oh, and I was at Target the other night and I spotted these appliances. Yes… I want them ALL! 😀


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