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What is your number 1 tip for living a healthy life?

This is the number 1 question I receive when I start working with people: I need to start living a healthier life but I don’t know how or where to start!

This is a loaded question because living a healthier life isn’t always and shouldn’t be centered around your weight or what you eat. It should encompass everything you do – from self-love, your relationships, your habits, your career, your happiness, along with your health, diet and relationship with food. Your body, mind and soul all need to be synched together for optimal radiance!



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Today I will make magic happen – Ways to keep yourself motivated!

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It doesn’t matter who you are, we ALL experience lack of motivation. When you first start a project, or an idea, or a new life change, you are EXTREMELY motivated and happy! You wake up feeling positive, gung-ho and ready to tackle whatever it is HEAD ON!

But… after a few days or weeks that lack-luster feeling starts to trickle in and you start to get in that vicious “I will do it later” mentality. That’s when later becomes a day, then a week, then a month and eventually you are back to square one again.

Don’t you think it would take less effort to actually just DO IT rather than start and stop again and again and again? Sure it would! But how? How can you stop the roller coaster?

Honestly, I have dealt with this my entire life. I am a master-procrastinator. I hate to admit it but it’s the truth. However I have developed some key habits to help me stay focused, motivated and to help me actually get shit done!

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Live with intent! What does that mean?

Hi friends!

How has your weekend been? Mine has been full of dream building, goal writing and personal growth. It has been AMAZING!

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A lot of people ask how I am able to stay positive in my life and to always see the best in everything.

It’s all about PRACTICE! I practice every day. I practice at life, loving, learning, developing and succeeding. I continually write my goals and visions down so that I am able to see them.

I know several people who say they are stuck in life and just getting by. I hate hearing this! NO ONE should be “getting by” in life! I am here to tell you that there is more to life than “just getting by”!

There is a simple equation that I want to share with you:

Awareness + Intent = ACTION!

I do consider myself a “woman of action”. I wasn’t always this way, though. It wasn’t until I realized that I wasn’t living with intent. I was settling for what I was given instead of working towards what I wanted.

There is something different about living a life with intent. First off, it’s a place where every action, no matter how small our routine, is an action of purpose. Each action has an importance – there is value to the action not because it gets us to the next goal, but rather it is where we need to be right then. Each moment brings an opportunity to be aware of everything around us as we go through the day, the week, the month, the year, the lifetime.

If we live life with intent, then we feel the feelings. We use feelings to focus on ourselves. We are not wasting time blaming others for our feelings and our life decisions. A life lived with intent reminds us that we, and only we, can propel our lives forward through action.


Are you living your life with intent? Are you taking action? If not, let’s chat! My team and I are continually teaching others, building self confidence and giving the opportunity to be a part of something MORE in life! Contact me – I would love to hear from you!


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Starting is the hardest part!

How many times have you said – “I’m DONE!”

Yea… me too.

So many of us start something… then we find ourselves extremely discouraged… then we quit. Just like that. It can happen over the course of a year, a month, a week and even a day! I will be the first to admit that I am VERY impatient! It’s a curse. I want things to happen NOW!

But some things in life take time. And that’s OK!

It's a process!

Change doesn’t have to be feared! What is feared the most is the uncertainty – are you going to fail or are you going to succeed? Is the change really for you? Even though you might be unhappy, at least you are somewhat comfortable. Right?

But is comfortable the best for you right now?

Change should be a series of actions that are planned out. It takes preparation to succeed with any new change in your life. Whether it’s changing careers, losing weight, relationships or moving, there is a certain order that needs to be clearly planned out before you can succeed. I asked this exact question over on my facebook page and I quickly saw three answers that really stood out to me:


  • Fear of Failing
  • Starting
  • Having no support

So let’s talk about each one because they all have a connection!


Oh man – the starting point! How scary and exciting all at the same time, right?! You have good intentions – YOU ARE FINALLY GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME! But… somewhere in the shuffle you lose that motivation and you find yourself giving up on the goal you once set out to accomplish.

It has happened to every single person!

So now what happens is whenever you feel the need to start again or something new, you think back at the time you failed yourself and gave up. Not wanting to go through that again, you choose to NOT start again! Sound familiar?

When you start you must PLAN! Planning is key – you must have the proper tools in place so that you can succeed and achieve your goal!

And you must find that inner fire and light it up! A few days ago I wrote a post on the steps you take when you hit ROCK BOTTOM. Some great tips – go check it out!


I cannot begin to express how IMPORTANT it is to have constant support around you! No matter what you are trying to achieve, you NEED to have support! People cheering you on, helping you anyway possible and to be there when you feel like giving up. Life is not easy and you should be very aware of who you choose to keep around when going through changes! Find that support group that you can trust!

I love creating online support groups because we are all face the same struggles! You are not alone and if you feel alone then you need to seek some support! Just reach out and ASK!

FEAR Yes – starting something new is FEARFUL! What if I fail? What if I quit? What if it doesn’t work? What if I made the wrong choice?

Stop the negative talk RIGHT NOW!

So what if you fail! So what if it doesn’t work! So what if you quit! SO WHAT!

Wouldn’t you rather go through life knowing that you TRIED? I know I would! What if you DIDN’T fail! What if you DIDN’T quit! What if it ACTAULLY WORKED OUT JUST FINE!

I am not going to say it’s going to be easy. Because you will have to work at whatever it is you are changing. But believe in yourself! Believe that you are strong enough to accomplish anything you want to achieve! Believe that you are in control and that you have the power!

Fear will hinder your sight of the goal line. Fear will break you down. Fear will STOP YOU. But fear is something that YOU have created inside of yourself. Do you know what fear stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real

Yes, I have fear in my life. Yes, I know fear is very difficult to get past. But with proper planning, support and a solid goal in mind, FEAR should not be a issue!

I am planning on taking each of these subjects to the next level and dive a bit deeper, giving you some great take away tips that you can use in your daily life!

I hope you found value in this post. My main objective is I don’t want you to think you are alone – you are NOT alone! I also want you to see your self worth and create the life you deserve!


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Today is the day you turn your life around!



Yesterday I shared my personal story about how I hit ROCK BOTTOM with my health. My inbox had dozens of messages from readers, fans and followers asking for one thing: HELP!

If you have ever hot rock bottom – with you health, your relationship, your finances – you know what it feels like to be on the ground as low as you can be.

I was there, suffering from horrible self esteem and poor self worth. I was miserable, depressed and unhealthy; shoving everything that said FAT FREE into my body. I then took a turn for the worse and turned to bulimia.

I binged, then purged. Especially at night – I was a closet eater. I wouldn’t eat anything around people but would stuff my face when no one was looking. I had ZERO self control. ZERO self worth.

I had hit rock bottom.

The only way was back up at that point. So I grabbed myself, had a melt down and started a journey that would lead me to where I am today. Coaching OTHERS to live a BEAUTIFUL life!

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my struggles in my past! I told myself that I would never allow another person to go through the pain that I went through! I made a personal promise to myself. And now I am helping individuals on a daily basis to eat better, exercise more, and live a beautiful life! I am so blessed!

There are so many individuals that are going through what I did – hitting rock bottom! But there is hope! There is help!


The day your life turns around is when…..

  • You’re so Disgusted and fed up with your situation.  This disgust will NOT cause you to beat yourself for not being “good enough”, but rather make you EXCITED to know you can raise above your obstacles, insecurities and self doubt!


  • Decision! You can be that person that wakes up so strong that you stand up for yourself and say “I have had enough! It’s time to move forward!” and BOOM, your intent is clear and you start setting goals and taking action!


  • Desire!!! It BURNS inside you! From your toes to your fingertips, you are EXCITED TO START LIVING AGAIN! You should focus on your WHY more than your HOW. Don’t let anyone stand in your way!


  •  Resolve! You are ready to start healing and stop thinking about the past. The wounds will heal with time but should not be dismissed – they are there to remind you that you are STRONG and READY! Accept the situation and have to tools to move forward… and never look back! 

Always remember: You deserve a BEAUTIFUL life!

If you are READY, I want to hear from you! It’s time for your to start seeing your self worth!

XxOo Tasha

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Embrace the Morning – How to create a morning routine

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Are you hitting the snooze button 5 times then finding yourself rushed to get out the door on time?


When I first started working in the corporate world, I made it a habit to wake up an hour before I had to start getting ready for work. Every morning I would make a cup of coffee, journal for 15 minutes and read for 30 minutes. Little did I know that those morning habits made me more relaxed and more productive during my day.

Then I had a son, stayed at home and completely through my habits out the window!

After a few years of struggling to find the peace in the morning that I once had, I started bringing back those old habits into my morning routine again. I quickly noticed that when I streamlined my day I was more productive and reached my goals quicker. I was also happier in the evening because for once I felt like I had time for myself!

The more of a routine you have the calmer your life can be.  Routines literally make room in your life, so that you can fit in the things you’d rather be doing. It takes 30 days to form a habit so you just need to start and then keep it up to establish a routine or revamp your old routine.

It’s amazing what a little routine can do to a person! 😉

Here is a sample routine and some tips that you can start using right away!

1. Wake up 30 minutes – 1 hour before you have to / or before anyone in your house does. When you have time in the morning to peacefully wake up it sets the tone for your entire day. Ease into the morning and your day. We all wake up with a blank slate – this your chance to fill it with positive choices!

2. Drink Water, preferably with lemon.

3. Journal 2 pages. When I first started reading The Artist’s Way a few years back is when the idea of Morning Pages were first introduced to me. The idea is that these morning pages are a way to wake up your mind and soul by simply writing any and all thoughts that come in to your head. It could be a intimate thought, a short story or the same word over and over. The point is to write and to keep writing. These morning pages need to happen before you do anything else because your mind is still raw and not persuaded by the day.

4. Sit in silence and meditate or pray. Take some time to just be. Be calm. Be still. Find peace. Breath. You could swap this out for exercise, too. Walking, running, yoga…

5. Write your goals and To-Do list for the day. We all have certain things that we need  to accomplish every single day. Write them down, make a list and let your productivity soar!

Getting up earlier may require you to go to be earlier. And if you are one to love your mornings in bed and have a difficult time getting up, try 15 minute intervals. And if you already have to get up early in the morning, get up even earlier. Give yourself 30 minutes of peace and love.

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{Love Letters} #1 Find your PASSION!

Hello beautiful! Happy Monday once again!

Today I wanted to reach out to you personally and share some thoughts of wisdom with you about PASSION.

One subject that I love talking about is PASSION! Passion is what drives us in our own life. Having passion allows us to reach our goals and dreams and to create a life worth living!

But what if you lack passion and drive? Do you ask yourself “What is my purpose in life? What do I need to do? Where do I start?” 


I have been there before: feeling very blah in my life and I was basically skimming by with no direction. I wasn’t putting any energy into myself or my life. I felt depressed and out of touch with myself. So I started self exploring and looking at myself in the mirror. I pretty much gave myself a mental slap and said “WAKE UP!”. I started getting to know myself again – asking important questions, creating a vision that I felt happy about and started to listen to my HEART instead of my MIND.

It’s true we all have a calling in life. And when you are on the right path you can feel it! You wake up thinking about that passion, you work hard towards it and you dream about it when you sleep! Your passion is a positive subject that you cannot help but to be so freaking excited about! You tell everyone you meet about it and you would shout it from the mountain if you could!

I love helping others and inspiring others to live a beautiful life! THIS is my PASSION! Did you know that I wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING thinking about how I am going to positively change the world? Did you know that I wake up thinking about YOU and how I can positively change YOU?


Do you find yourself having a difficult time finding your own PASSION in life? You are not alone! Start by sitting down and writing what your ultimate life would look like! If money was no object, what would you do for a career? Where would you live? What kind of legacy would you leave? What do you want to be remember by?

I often times look back to how I was in High School because this is when I felt free, happy and completely like myself! I was a free-spirited hippy and I brought so much happiness in life! PS – My nickname in High School was Sunshine! 🙂 And while I have grown into a woman since my high school days, that inner part of me still wants to be hiking through Nepal, practicing yoga, writing poetry and being completely content.

Always remember: You deserve a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

XxOo Tasha

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Creating Balance in Your Life

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend of relaxing, spending time outside and enjoying your beautiful life!

I was talking a friend the other day and the topic of balance came up. If you are an adult, chances are you are struggling with balance in your life.


Whether you are a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a full time student, working a full time job, balance is always a topic that is being discussed and evaluated.

What do you think of when you first hear the word “balance”? Maybe you are trying to find that happy balance to work full time while being with your family. Or maybe you are a stay at home parent looking to get back into your running or workout routine. Whatever you are finding unbalanced in your life, I have some tips that will help ease your mind and take some stress away from enjoying your beautiful life.

  • The first step is to write down who you are and what your mandatory responsibilities are. Wife, mother, your career, school work, caretaker to a family member. Write the things down that you MUST do every day.


  • The second step is to acknowledge where you might be lacking balance and neglecting the areas that are important in your life.


  • The third step is make a map of your ideal life. I want you to be very specific. Maybe you want to incorporate more running in your schedule, or more time with your children. Make a schedule of your ideal self with NO hesitations.


  • The fourth step is to start setting goals. Examine your ideal day and start setting goals to achieve it. Maybe you find your commute to work is too long and is eating up a large chunk of your time that could be spent with your children or working out. Your goals might be to ask your company if you could telecommute from home, move closer to work or to possible look for a new career that allows you to have more time in your day.


  • The fifth step is to make a very detailed plan for your goals and work towards them every day/week/month. If you are married be sure to include your spouse in your plan and brainstorm ideas as you might have to make some changes as a family.

It is also very important to create a life that embraces who YOU are and what your own passions are. I am a very free spirited person that loves creating art and being in nature. For years I was putting myself in environments that drained my inner creativity. I spent years feeling very lost and out of balance. I am who I am and I started realizing that I need to be in a certain kind of environment to feel free and balanced.


Balance needs to be practiced every single day. No one masters balance as balance is continually growing in life. Nurture balance, accept balance and find your inner peace.