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Food Journal: Clean Eating Dinner

The one thing that I learned from clean eating over the past 4 years or so is that simple is ALWAYS better. Clean Eating = Simple Eating.

It’s the truth.

My goal for these food journal entries is to help you understand that dinner, lunch and even breakfast should be simple, mostly if not all plant based but definitely not boring.

Last night’s dinner was amazing. I steamed cut up sweet potato and mixed it with black beans and a cut up Field Roast sausage. I topped it with some salsa for added flavor. I also had a side of celery and hummus.


I don’t buy a lot of meat substitute items because I find that most of them are not very clean at all. Plus, when I went plant based I had no desire to eat meat nor did I crave the taste for meat. But Field Roast is far superior in the fake meat category, in my opinion.

First of all they are based out of Seattle. And I love to support my local food companies! I did a quick search and there are a ton of products that are made in Seattle – I am hoping to do a post on these companies here very soon!

Here is the ingredient list from the Italian Sausage links I ate:

field roast For a meat free product that not only tastes amazing but that is relatively clean these are a great option for those that are trying to include more plant based products in their diet. Around Thanksgiving I picked up a Field Roast Celebration Roast and it was soooo good!

But again, this is not a product I eat on a regular basis. It’s definitely a splurge type item and I buy it maybe once every few months.

field roast pic

I cooked to sausage over my flat top grill for a few minutes to get it nice and crunchy on the outside and hot in the middle. But you can totally eat these cold, too.


I also sipped on some sparkling water through the night. FACT: When I was pregnant I drank sparkling water everyday! This started my love affair with sparkling water and I still drink it on a daily basis. It’s a great option for those of you that are trying to get off of soda or for those that need some help getting in the daily hydration allowance.


I am off to attend the Mother’s Day event at Whole Foods! I cannot wait to see what goodies will be in my bag!



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