I am – Part 2 {It’s about balance!}

Hey all! Happy Wednesday!


I hope it has been a positive and healthy day! I was really dragging this morning – I was trying to hold off on coffee but I ended up drinking a cup at about 11AM. I had great intentions of heading to the gym but I m going to try tonight instead.


Jordan and I went Geocaching this afternoon! First time ever! I downloaded the app on my phone a few weeks ago and decided to take Jordan out since it was a bit cooler today. He was really excited, although I am not sure he fully understood what we were doing but I guess neither did I!


I found some locations near my home so we started there. I really wasn’t sure what I was looking for but we tried our best!




We went to two different spots but we didn’t find anything. 😦 I told Jordan that we would try again on a different day!

Afterwards we went and played at the park. He was pretty happy about that!


We were thirsty so a stop at Starbucks was in order – Organic chocolate milk + a blueberry muffin for him and an iced Americano {with a splash of half&half} for me.


It turned into such a beautiful day today! I am writing this from my sunny porch while Jordan is riding his bike. 🙂


I have been meaning to write a follow up post to this post titled I AM. The reason why is that there are a few things that I want to address and to get out in the air.

First off, I have been a huge fan of Kristen’s Raw for as long as I can remember. When I recently read Kristen’s blog post explaining that she is no longer vegan, it shocked and surprised me in a good way. I read her blog post word by word so that I could fully understand her reason to stop eating a raw vegan diet. She has a very deep connection with herself and understands her body, wanting to provide it with the best possible nutrition. And now that she has a daughter, she also wants to provide her daughter with the best care and nutrition, too. I applaud her courage to write such a confident and controversial post as she was well aware that some of her fans were not going to like what she was writing.

I know for a fact that so many people who create blogs and a social image online go through this very issue. Once you establish yourself a certain way it’s difficult to change even if it is best for YOU. There will always be a critic that will not side with your way of thinking. It happens to everyone on a daily basis. It’s part of the job description of being an online blogger.

I, too, have had some changes and I have been keeping them to myself because I just didn’t want to deal with the negative responses. However, I am an adult and I must deal with both the positive and negative in every situation.

About a year or so ago, I started eating animal products again. Eggs mostly. I was having intense cravings for eggs and one day I went to a farm and picked up a carton of local, organic eggs. My body thanked me after that! It was then when I started to be little more lenient with my diet and incorporated animal products back into my diet. Not on a daily basis but I was more in tune with my body, cravings and realized that I was missing something.

Just recently I started to eat meat again. Seafood mostly (salmon, tuna, shrimp, shell fish) and I have had some turkey, pork and chicken over the last few months. Most of my days are still plant based but I do incorporate meat every once in a while.

I feel much more balanced now. It’s strange but I do.

I do still understand the torture that the animals go through on a daily basis. I am not going to cover it up and not think about it because I still do. When I first decided to go vegetarian and then vegan it was because of the horrible living conditions and life that these poor animals were in. I would say it was 75% heart and 25% health.

And while I have no plans to order a steak or to eat an entire chicken breast, I might have a bite or two every once in a while. And I am OK with that.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments and questions! I feel so much better telling you all my little secret that I have been hiding! I know I might disappoint some of you and for that I am sorry. As a health and wellness coach, I teach others to accept themselves fully and I need to do the same! 🙂

Q&A Time!

  • Have you ever gone Geocaching? Any tips for me?
  • What was one happy thing that happened to you today?
  • As a blogger, do you too find it hard to transition from one way to another?



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