Trader Joes Grocery Haul

I really REALLY love shopping at Trader Joes. I shop at Fred Meyer because they have a huge Organic selection and at Trader Joes. Fred Meyer has a rewards card and at 4 months you get a rebate along with great coupons. This time I got over $13 back and a TON of coupons for fresh produce!

This time I did my shopping all at Trader Joes.


I hadn’t done a large grocery haul in a few weeks and I was out of a lot of things. It was time to stock up!


Bag 1: Frozen fruit for munching and smoothies, frozen green beans and peas, fresh broccoli, turkey corn dogs, guac, hummus, pot stickers, yogurt, waffles and ground turkey.


Bag 2 & 3: White wine, beans, tomato sauce, bananas, lemons, limes, cucumbers, sea salt, salsa, sparkling water, honey dew melon, red potatoes, coffee.


Bag 4: cilantro, plain Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, carrots, celery, apples, romaine, kale, avocados.


Bag 5: organic beef jerky, 100% apple juice boxes, applesauce, almond chocolate milk, buttermilk pancake mix, red thai curry sauce, sri racha, organic peanut butter, pistachios, taco seasoning, assortment of natural nut bars and fruit leather, almond chocolate granola, gummy vitamins.

I also picked up a bag of these tortilla chips and had a light snack with some guacamole.



I love posting my grocery haul for you! I remember when I first starting reading blogs and transitioning into a cleaner life style, I searched high and low for grocery ideas and tips for shopping.

I must admit this trip was a little out of the ordinary and I purchased a few things that I normally do not. I am feeding two others besides me and I do like to keep some faster food options for nights that we are running errands or need a quick dinner.

And I didn’t pick up a lot of my fresh veggies because I am trying to by them as I need to limit waste. I tend to buy so much fresh produce that I wont use it all before it turns. Since I am now working from home I have time to plan and prep my meals and have the time and option to buy fresh produce as I need to.

Question: Did you grocery shop this weekend? How was your grocery haul?

One thought on “Trader Joes Grocery Haul

  1. Jealous!!! We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada, but so excited that they are coming to Buffalo soon. I do pop across the border to shop so now those shopping trips will include a trip to Trader Joe’s!!!

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