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Clean Eats

I thought I would take a moment and share what I have been eating. I used to do this on a daily basis and not only did it help me becoming more aware of what I was consuming but it also helps those that need a little inspiration in their own daily eating.


Breakfast was a simple organic egg cooked in a little olive oil and an extra egg white, steamed spinach with salt and pepper, half of a small avocado, grilled sprouted toast and black coffee.

I was cleaning pretty much all morning so I didn’t end up eating breakfast until 11 or so. Christmas has been cleared out and put away until next year. I was a little sad at first but it feels a bit less cluttered now.


Afternoon snack / lunch consisted of nibbling and snacking.




I had about a half of a cup of homemade vegetarian chili.

I also added more bags to my shop, too. These bags are great for shopping tips to the produce stand!

DSC00469 DSC00473 

I ended up going t the gm around 6:30 tonight and when I got back home I heated up bowl of more chili topped with fresh cilantro. I love homemade chili. It’s been really cold here in Seattle and nothing warms my bones more than hot soup or chili. dinner1


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