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Juice + Photo Journal of San Francisco

I was looking through my photo folders on my lap top and I found some photos from a work trip to San Francisco last October, 2011. I finally got around to editing them.

san fran8


san fran7


+ Ash {bff} +

San Francisco was a magical city. During the day we were in conferences but we were able to explore downtown on breaks and after 4. I woke up early on Sunday and walked alone for a few hours. It was delightful. Magical.

san fran9
san fran10 san fran 11
The trip was not a food based trip… although I have heard, read and seen many delicious deli’s and restaurants. I would love to go back someday. I love Northern California.

Until next time, San Francisco…


And while editing my photos I started to get rather thirsty. I large jar of fresh juice sounded amazing.

1 beet + 2 apples + 3 carrots + 2 oranges

Jordan enjoyed the juice too.



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Goodbye Seattle… Hello Georgia???


Hello from Georgia!

I left Seattle like this…


And I was greeted by this…

ga2 What am I doing in Georgia? Work related… no vacation but it is rather nice to be away from home for a while.

I’ve never travelled this far East before… I am not used to the time change, yet. And the flight was long and boring.

I munched on some Lara Bars and a pre-made salad between my connector flight. But by the time I got into my hotel room I could have eaten my arm off! Instead, I opted for Wendy’s.


Side Salad with vinaigrette, a baked sweet potato and some french fries. Wait a second… How did THOOOSE get into my bag??!!

Fact: I used to work at Wendy’s when I was in high school! I hated it! But they do have some good options for travelers and vegan. Ok, MINUS the french fries… but they tasted sooooo goooood!

I’ve got to chug some water and hit the hay. The clock says 9PM but it’s realy 12AM. Yikes!