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So what do you think of the new layout? Like? (I am working on the comments for past posts – I hope I didn’t lose them)

As part of my whole New Voice change, I decided a new look was needed. I wanted something simple, rustic and to the point. I weeded out a lot of my sidebar flair to make my posts more of the focal point, too.

I also wanted to discuss the whole “clean eating” topic. When I first heard about clean eating, I was very enthusiastic about it and wanted to share with everyone, hence the blog. In a years time, I have still kept my clean eating ways but have transitioned to being vegetarian/vegan, mostly clean still but eating food that is cruelty free and from the earth. My blog has been such a valuable resource for individuals and I receive emails almost daily asking me how they can start to live a better life through their diet. I love that I have made such a dynamic and powerful influence on people and they are coming to me for advice.

However, I have noticed that when I post a recipe that may not be entirely “clean” I often receive comments and emails asking me why I would promote such thing since my blog is heavily influenced on clean eating. I don’t mind these comments as I feel people have valid points. While I do eat very clean, I eat a plant based diet and I would like to be able to showcase this more and detach from the label of “clean eating”. Honestly, I don’t like labels.

I love recipes. I love cookbooks. I love making meals that showcase local and fresh ingredients. It’s a form of art and creativity. And I love sharing them with all of you.

Over the past 6 or so months there has been some concern with the privacy and safety of myself and my family. Using my posts, pictures and comments against me in a way that I felt threatened and uneasy. At the time I didn’t want to bring attention to the problem and just left it alone. I was able to pinpoint the culprit(s) through IP addresses but it has made me re-think what I post. I hate it.

So that’s what is going on in a nut shell.

Do you want to know my recent flavor combo?
Red onion and dried cranberries! Perfect in a salad!


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