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Gathering my Strength!

Look what I was able to do yesterday!
While this time is not breaking news, nor has it been my best, it’s my best in a very long time! And you were all right when you said to keep my chin up with my running… My legs are strong and my lungs are expanding. WOOHOO!
I will never take granted that I am able to run, ever. When you go from training for a marathon to not being able to walk it really puts things in perspective and makes you realize that while you want to strive to do you best, pushing yourself past your means leads to disaster.

I was pretty hot and sweaty after my run so I made a refreshing PB & Chocolate shake.
DSC04386I used almond milk, cocoa powder, PB, flax meal and a few squirts of agave. It really hit the spot! I normally add a scoop of chocolate Amazing Meal but I am out at the moment.

I was starving when dinner came around – I made a mexican salad.
Black beans, rice, romaine, avocado, black olives, salsa, red onion and tortilla chips. I downed this salad in seconds!
Then Marc and I relaxed and watched Deadliest Catch. We’ve been watching this show ever since it was first aired on The Discover Channel – we both love it! I know it sounds a little contradicting coming for a vegetarians mouth… hmm. (shrugs) I normally do not watch TV, except the Food Network, and learning channels (TLC, Discovery, History, etc.) And most of the captains, boats and crew are from the Seattle region, too. In the summer you can drive past the docks and see the actual boats, even see the crew members, too! What is your guilty pleasure TV show?


I want to take a few minutes and answer some formspring questions:

What other fitness regimes do you incorporate into your workouts besides running?

For right now I am sticking to running, with a few days of ab, leg and arm work; but nothing substantial. I am trying to be very careful and start off slow. I do love spinning and attend a class when I can. What can I say – I love my cardio!

Do you create these recipes on your own? You should try out for the next Food Network star. They don’t have any shows that focus on clean eating, vegan, organic, might be a great niche for you 😉

Thanks! I am actually very camera shy, but I guess if given the opportunity it would be pretty amazing that have a show! Recipes around the blog sphere is a touchy subject, or so I have seen. People use recipes, forget to give credit of the source, owners feelings get hurt and so on. My recipes have all been adapted from sources: whether that be from physical cookbooks, a combination of intuition and ingredients, Google searching, but I would have to say that I get a lot of my ideas from my fellow bloggers. I do, however, always give credit where credit is due.

What does your husband eat? do you cook for him? Does he follow your same eating lifestyle?

Kind of – sort of. He does eat meat and dairy, and will eat meat and dairy for the rest of his life. There is nothing I can say or do for him to change. I would LOVE if he would cut down his meat consumption but I know that will never happen. Since we eat so differently we rarely eat meals together. When I ate meat and dairy we always ate together and there never was an issue. Unfortunately,  we have argued about food and preparation now that I am a vegetarian, and was a pretty touchy subject when I first changed my ways. 
Even when I ate meat I was never the one that bought or cooked the meat. In fact, my husband cooked 90% of the time! That has dramatically switched, and I do more cooking for him and ALL of the cooking for myself. Raw meat really skeeves me out and I have NEVER been a fan of working or cooking with it. Plus, with his skills as being a certified chef, he knows the exact temperatures, seasonings and skills to cook meat. Me, not so much. Every day seems to be getting easier and better. He now has the understanding that this is not a temporary change for me.
Keep asking those questions! You can find the formspirng box on the right hand side of my blog. 

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