So I bit the bullet and changed my layout. Not that the other one was bad, in fact I loved my blog layout. BUT I tend to get bored of the same thing over and over, and I really was in need of some cleaning of my blog widgets, pictures and sidebar info. I love the professionalism that this layout brings, as well as the subdued color scheme.
I hope you all enjoy it, too!

I tweeted this morning that I might be changing my blog name, as well. For now I am keeping it. Sam said it right – It’s catchy! Yes, I think it is pretty catchy and since everyone knows me as The Clean Eating Mama… why change a good thing. Ya know?!

I had a lovely bowl of cold cereal this morning for breakfast:



A mixture of granola, roasted almonds and some other cereal that was taking up space in our pantry. I love mixing cereal – the different flavors and textures all add something special to what is normally called a “boring” bowl of cereal.

I made J his own bowl of goodness, too.


Prunes, banana and granola. My son loves prunes! Although I am paying for it now… dirty diaper number 2 and still counting!


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