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At a loss

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day!

Sorry for my sporadic posting; I have not been in the best mood. I am very concerned about my back, still. I have yet to find any relief and it’s not getting any better. I haven’t ran in 10 days and from the feel of it I wont be running for a while. I am going to a doctor tomorrow as opposed to a chiropractor. While I love my chiropractor and 100% believe in them, I feel it’s more than what meets the eye. Something is definitely wrong!

Sadly, I am not going to participating in the half marathon on April 17th. While I am disappointed I am more concerned that I cannot run period. It still is very painful to walk and like I said before I can tell nothing is getting better. I just hope I can find some type of closure tomorrow, whatever that may be.

I have been pretty emotional lately because of this. For one not being able to workout has really been bothering me. I trained so hard and was so proud of accomplishments that I don’t want to start from the beginning again. At this point I really have no idea when I could be able to run again.

And then my old mindset gets the best of me and I start worrying about gaining weight, again. I can tell that I have been emotionally eating at times (hello chocolate!) and the guilt is coming on. I will be asking the doctor if I can start going back to the gym and do low impact cardio and weights.

I try not to let my blog dive into my personal life too much but just typing that out makes me feel a lot better. And I have always gotten such positive comments and feedback from all of you! I truly appreciate it! =)

I will be sure to keep updating my progress and what the doctor says tomorrow.

I am very excited about this weekends Seattle VegFest, though! I have had some readers email me stating that they were going to be there so I am hoping I can meet some of you!!! =) I won two free passes from Living Harvest foods so both Marc and I will be going. I am looking forward to sampling some new products, meeting people and being involved in Seattle’s large veggie population! 

So if you are planning on attending please email me! I would love to meet you! =)

And don’t forget to enter my Spa Giveaway; It ends on Friday!

I will leave you all with some pictures of J. I took these yesterday as I never got around to taking any pictures of him on Easter with his basket.

DSC04971 DSC04974 DSC04980 DSC04984 DSC04985 DSC04988 DSC04991 DSC04993    

Have a wonderful day!


13 thoughts on “At a loss

  1. I'm so sorry. 😦 I've been there and I know it is soooo frustrating. Keep us updated – hopefully it will start feeling better soon. Even if you can't run the half in 2 weeks, I'm sure there is one you can run when your back starts feeling better.

  2. Yes back pain can make you feel gloomy and overindulging is not good because it makes you feel bad about yourself later.How about walking the dog instead of running?Take things slowly. I hope all goes well with your doctor's appointment.

  3. Big hugs – I know all about back pain and I really believe it can affect you mentally. Hang in there and know you will get better.I have a great acupuncturist in Ballard – I know that's not super convenient for you but she's fantastic. Let me know if you want the referral.I would say avoid Prednisone at all costs if you can. I gained weight like a Sumo wrestler on it and it's hard weight to get off. But then again, I couldn't walk at all and was desperate. I want to go to Veg Fest on Sunday (I have to work Saturday – rare but true). Let me know which day you guys are going.

  4. J has grown so much! I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling with your back. Maybe it's worth taking a trip to the doctor?

  5. we should unite and do something about being injured and rendered unable to work out! i am completely in the same boat, except it's my knee pain that's the problem. one of my biggest fears is that all of the hard work that i've put into losing weight slowly since November will go to waste now. the biggest thing to remember is that the only person who stands in the way of that is ME. i'm going to do whatever i can to eat well and find new ways to exercise – i deserve to be happy!

  6. Jess – He's HUGE!!! I look at him and wonder where my "little boy" went!Janet – Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have looked into acupuncture but have never tried it. I am always open to alternative medicine and will be giving this option a try – thanks again!

  7. I'd like to suggest trying accupuncture for your back problems, I dealt with severe muscle spasms for years which would leave me bed ridden for at least 2 weeks a couple times a year. Someone suggested accupuncture to me and it was the miracle cure for me. I went pretty regularly for a couple months (but felt immediate relief after the 1st visit) and havent been in a couple of years now and have not had ANY back problems since. Just a suggestion but wanted to throw it out there, especially since it helped me so much, I am now a HUGE advocate!Janet

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