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Wow – I went to bed without even posting! Sorry folks! Here is a short run down of my eats!



PB and Chocolate shake that I shared with J.



The last of my kale soup and sprouted toast with Earth Balance.



Annie’s Vegan Chili on top of romaine and butter nut squash, topped with red onion and hot sauce. Also some blue corn tortilla chips.

There was also some serious snacking on raw almonds – man I can just keep eating and eating those!

I also wanted to share some items that I picked up at Goodwill the other day. I LOVE thrift store shopping! I have found the coolest things at second hand stores. Plus I would rather reuse than buy new.

Sushi plates 1.99 each



Strawberry cup – 79 cents


Mushroom dish 99 cents +half off = 50cents! Not sure if I am going to keep this or not. I love it but my husband gave it the stink eye.


Plus I picked up some pants for J at half off. I looked at clothes for me but they seem to be over priced. Goodwill actually seems to be pretty expensive now – oh well.

And this is what J decided to do yesterday morning! And yes, that is his “HAHA – look at what I did, Mom!” face – lol



Thank you all for your kind words about my schooling. I am planning taking my placement test next Tuesday then starting school in April – I am so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. I have a long sushi serving plate that would go so well with your new plates! I wish you were a bit closer so I could give it to you.Thanks again for sharing your experiences with "measuring up." Confidence is a tricky thing. I hope that I can figure it out before I am too old to care anymore. :)Have a great day Tasha!

  2. I could go to a thrift store every day for the rest of my life and be totally happy! Goodwill and Value Village are insanely overpriced on their clothing. I was at VV the other day and found a shirt I liked until I saw they wanted $8 for it!!

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