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Hey guys!

Sorry for being MIA lately – just a lot of things happening.

For one, I am still very wishy washy about my career path and college prep. BUT I am starting to get pumped and am ready to dive right in. I have been all over the grid about career paths and options, ranging from medical to personal training to RD. None of which I have really felt passionate about.

For those that read my blog and that have known me from when I was younger, my heart belongs in nature. It’s always been like that, too.

I grew up miles away from city lights and learned to appreciate nature at an early age. You know the planet earth shows on the Discovery Chanel that highlight the impact the Amazon Rain Forest has on the world? Or the show that documents the life of a penguin, or a sappling, or an ant farm?

I want to be involved in our planet – to understand how it works and to help protect it’s vital existence. It’s funny because I always felt the need to work for the US Forest Service but always thought it would be “too hard”; as in schooling and education.

I am done thinking that way. Duh – of course it will be hard! Endless hours of science and math classes (omg I forgot that I really suck at math) seem daunting but being able to work in the beauty of nature never sounded more rewarding.

I was “picking” easier education routes, like medical assisting, personal training, dental assistant and so on because I wanted a quick fix. To take a few years of school and be done. But why would I want to spend the next two years in school and not feel rewarded?

The problem that I have always faced with myself is the need for something to happen NOW. I must be a very impatient person inside because attending years and years of school to finally be able to live the way I want seems somewhat of a waste. I think this has always been my problem and why I never went back to college for a defined path in the first place.

I need to start living and reaching for the dreams I have. But now that I have son makes it even harder. I feel like I am being selfish because obtaining my goals will mean I will be busy and that will take away time from him.

But at the same time I need to do this for me. And everything set aside I need to make a mark in this world as the individual that I am.

Do not let me fool you – I am very confused. But being a house wife and a stay at home mom is not my destiny. I need to explore, create and learn.

I really have nothing else to add or say – I guess I just needed someone to listen. =)


8 thoughts on “Earthly Sciences

  1. Tasha- I don't think we every truly find what we want to do or what we want to be- nor to I think we want to be in that place- life would be pretty dang boring…I would look into doing a program that you enjoy learning about- take a few classes here and there- maybe some online courses (so you can be at home) and enjoy being a mom while you enjoy being in school- there is definitely no rush to get it done– all you'll do after is look for something new to satisfy that need anyways!

  2. I'm sure you'll be awesome at whatever you decide to do…and it's great you're weighing all your options and thinking about your son. It's hard to figure out what to go into, because school is such a huge financial and time commitment!

  3. Don't beat yourself up for wanting to take an easier route with school – college is tough enough when you have nothing else going on, let alone being a full-time mom to a toddler. But ultimately, if the path you pick isn't satisfying, the time you do spend in school will ultimately be a waste. I have another year and a half before I'm eligible to sit for the CPA exam here – it will have taken me 4-1/2 years after graduating from college to get the rest of my hours. Frustrating, but it will be worth it in the end (or so I tell myself as I want to bang my head on my desk).Do you have a start date in mind for whatever path you choose?

  4. It's good that you are thinking about it thoughtfully before jumping into anything. I hate to say this, but I do NOT recommend going on to be an RD. It is hard coursework/internship and you really earn very little money. The majority of jobs are in the hospital setting and you do see a lot of non-compliance. After 8 years, I was definately ready for a career change.

  5. Hi Tasha! That's excellent! It's so hard to decide on one thing and then make that jump. Way to get started!I was so excited to see your post title – My husband and I are both geologists and we LOVE IT. Give me a holler if you ever want to chat!geonerdette@wordpress

  6. I think it's wonderful you're cycling through your options and really internalizing what the right next move it! You will be great in anything you do, so just choose what will make you happy! :)Have a great weekend 🙂

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