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Happy Saturday! How has your weekend been so far?

My Saturday started off rather rough – I caught J’s cold. Head stuffy, can’t breath, throat is killing me. Oh well… what comes around goes around.

I have been trying to stay on top of my vitamins and eating as much healthy food as possible. Same for Jordan.

We started off with a yummy pb & chocolate shake!


Chocolaty, peanut buttery.. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmm…. I thinned J’s out with some soy milk and another half of a scoop of Amazing Grass. He loves this stuff!

When I put J down for his nap I washed and cut a bunch of greens that I bought yesterday at the store. Pretty isn’t it!


Organic Spring Mix


Organic Baby Spinach

There was also a huge head of Romaine.

How do you store your greens? I cut and wash everything first, then salad spin it until it is pretty much dry – it takes forever but worth it! Then I lay them on either paper towels or a clean dish towel and let air dry for a bit. After they seem to be dry I stuff my greens in Ziploc storage bags. They seem to last a while using my method.

While cutting I snacked on some coconut yogurt. This was my first time trying it. It is very sweet for me – too sweet, actually. I love my Greek yogurt! But the taste and texture were great, especially for begin vegan.


Lunch was a big bean burrito using a gluten free tortilla that I had in the freezer.


These were OK – they were pretty hard and not very bendable. Tasted great, though.

I stuffed my burrito with black beans, mexican seasoning, avocado, red onion, lettuce, sweet potato and hot sauce.



Filling and tasty!

Dinner was a little wacky but very unexpectedly amazing!

I made a kale dish that is out of this world! I call it Sweet Onion Kale.


. It had onion, pine nuts, raisins and kale. It was light, sweet and to die for!

I used half of  a bunch for kale thinking that I was going to save the rest of kale chips. No way! I am making this dish again!

I also just finished a bowl of cereal, 3 hours later… I guess that was dinner – kale and cereal. =)

I have had some emails lately asking me what kinds of food and diet I feed Jordan. I thought I would answer here that way everyone can see.

I feed Jordan a loose vegetarian diet. “Loose” meaning that I don’t feed him meat on a regular basis but if it’s available then I will. I buy him tofu hot dogs and Quorn chicken nuggets most of the time. He also likes my bean burgers. I make sure majority of his food is organic, especially produce. He loves all kinds of fruit and vegetables, and cheese.

He is my little taste tester in the kitchen! If he seems me eating it or making it he wants a bite – I can’t wait for him to start cooking with me!

He drinks organic apple juice and organic whole milk – lately I have been giving him almond milk due to his flemmy throat.

It’s frustrating at times because he will go through stages that he loves something, then all of a sudden he doesn’t! Silly boy.

Breakfast is usually a flax pancake with fresh fruit or a scrambled egg with cheese. He always eats a banana, too.

Today’s lunch for him was olives, blueberries, strawberries and Quorn chicken nuggets.


Dinner was a almond butter and jelly sandwich, edamame and sweet potatoes.


If anyone has any questions about J and his diet, please feel free to ask! =)


6 thoughts on “Kale-riffic

  1. Thanks for posting J's meals! I love getting ideas from your meals and I'd love to see more of your toddler-friendly ideas. My 15 month old is an excellent eater and I'm trying to keep introducing healthy foods. Edamame is the new favorite.

  2. Maybe it woUld b helpful to some of your readers of u started posting pics of Js meals too? I personally love seeing how healthy peoples kids eat, even if I don't have kids of my own

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